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Our Halloween Weekend

31 Oct

I don’t know what it is about the word time management but the second I hear it my brain says GET TO WORK! and it happens. Along with getting done all of my errands Friday, I also got all of my chores done! Then B and I went out with JO and SO to Dave and Busters. I have never been there before but the best way to describe this place is a Chuck-E-Cheese for Adults! The drinks were amazing, the food was on par, and the games .. TOTALLY AWESOME! I give this place five stars and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be going back.

Yesterday was completely the opposite. Although we got a lot accomplished it was purely relaxation and crafts! B and I went pumpkin picking and bought two good sized pumpkins for carving. Me being less than professional stuck the expected pattern face. Nana (B’s Mom) chose a similar traditional style. Then B chose the deathstar from Star Wars. I love him. Well it isn’t fun without pictures so take a look!

This one was mine 🙂

And this one is Nana’s!

And B’s half completed Deathstar from Star Wars. This will be updated later with the finished picture so stay tuned!

B sitting outside working on his pumpkin in the cold 😛

E picking out her pumpkin

Just another pic of E

I am also making some Halloween crafts/decorations today and maybe even some cookies!! I’ll post those later along with B’s finished Deathstar and E’s Halloween costume! Lets just say this is the first Halloween that I have been excited for since I was a kid.

Love Always,


Lessons Learned

28 Oct


I was reading a blog today about time management and goals. Basically they stated that if your goals are that important to you then managing your time shouldn’t be that hard. This made me think about my daily routine and my goals and it made perfect sense. I don’t enjoy doing my daily chores because well lets see, I do them every day often multiple times a day (pick up toys, laundry, cook, clean kitchen) and then I don’t manage to have time for the things I WANT to do (read, blog, crafts, reviews, surfing the web). I try to get my list of daily chores done before I even consider my goals that I really want to do. Luckily I have an amazing husband who doesn’t care if the toys picked up or the house isn’t perfect as long as I am happy so I think I will be rearranging my daily chores and goals!

They made a valid point that the more that you get done in the morning within an hour or so makes the rest of your day that much easier to plan. As much as that really seems like an awesome idea I am not so much a morning person. By the time I get my “things” started its usually 11:00 and I am thinking about lunch. Then after lunch and cleaning that up it’s 2:00 and there goes my day! I think also having a schedule with a child is a lot more difficult than having a schedule with school or a job. Children kind of make their own schedules and you just work around it, or at least I do. Then I thought well it just makes sense to wake up before E so I can get an hour or so of things out of the way before she wakes up. Did I mention I am not a morning person? The earlier it is the slower I seem to get so waking up an hour early turns into me needing to wake up two hours earlier just to get an hours worth of stuff done. At that point I am a crabby mess who needs a nap along with baby in the afternoon 😛

So how exactly am I going to figure this schedule out? I let you know when I do! 🙂

Love Always,


Can anyone hear me?

27 Oct

Today was not at all how I planned it to be. I had made my lists and put them in order of importance and checked off one thing at a time. I was doing great and was feeling great until about 11:00. It’s funny how just a few things back to back can just throw off your day completely and before you know it it’s 4:00 and you haven’t gotten near what you had planned done. For those stay at home mom’s out there, today was one of those days where I wish I could have screamed, “JUST BECAUSE I AM A STAY AT HOME MOM DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T HAVE THINGS TO DO ALL DAY!” Although even if I had screamed, no one would have heard me or cared. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who reminded me that B would be home any minute and that she was there to help if I needed her. Another thank goodness for my husband who came home and said, “Okay, what do you want me to do.” and did it. We got everything manageable done and the rest I’ll just have to push through this week.

Ready to get passed this hump of frustration so I can move on to the better things in life! Maybe I’ll go take a shower to collect my thoughts and feel refreshed 🙂

Food, Books, Tubs, & Taylor Swift :D

26 Oct

I have a list of interesting things that I have been dying to write about all day today but haven’t really stopped to have the chance. So here it goes! Super awesome deal number one. If you are a mother of a young child (1-90 haha) I found the perfect snacks! I went grocery shopping the other day and went down the snack isle now that E is eating everything and the baby snacks just don’t do it for her anymore. Well all I found was junk food which I am not a hater on junk food. I love junk food and E will love junk food when she can pick her own food but for now being a responsible adult feel like she needs to eat somewhat healthy for as long as I can get her too. So I seriously disappointed strolling down this isle and came to the crackers which I figured, we have those they just crumble everywhere and make a mess .. and something caught my eye!

CLUB MINIS! These are awesome! They are bitesize and perfect for little hands and little teeth! And semi-healthy because they do have butter. E tried these and was begging for more and it makes me feel awesome that I am not worried about a total mess or a choking baby because they practically melt in your mouth. Plus B can’t keep his hand out of the box 😉 Haha I love this guy!

Next item on my list is an update on The Accidental Mom by Rowan Coleman. I am 200 pages into this book (out of 400) and I still have not hit a boring section yet! This book is definitely an interesting read! Should be done with it before the end of the week if it’s as good as the first half was.

Also! My first review of baby items!! The First Years Sure Comfort NewbornToddler Tub:

E used this from day one to year 1 and after that she was ready to move around a little more and get out! I think it’s a smart purchase because anything that can last from newborn to toddler saves you money rather than buying two different tubs for two different stages. I liked everything about this tub minus the fact that E didn’t seem to like it as much as I did when she got older 🙂 Another not so great thing is when you are in-between the newborn stage and the sitting up stage I felt like it needed a little more cushioning. It never seemed like it was quite comfy to me but then again I am not the one in the tub 😛 Overall this gets four stars for me!

Next Subject: My daily life! Today was E’s 15 month appointment and we have all been crossing her fingers that she weighed twenty points so we could turn her car seat around!! I don’t know why as a first time mother you seriously can’t wait for the next step (whatever step it is) to happen! I am always trying to be patient but seriously it’s just so exciting. Well sad news is this child got a seriously fast metabolism from her mother so she only weighs 19.6 nakie. Good news! Pediatrician said we could turn it around because she has all the physical abilities she needs and with clothes on (which she will have on in her car seat) probably puts her at 20 pounds. YAYYYY!!! Guess what we’ll be doing later this week??? NOT CAR SEAT SHOPPING but turning that baby around! Yes I bought a car seat that goes both ways .. saving money here is my number one favorite thing to do!

Oh and last but not least! My favorite review of all. Taylor Swifts new album Speak Now. First of I want to go ahead and say that when I first heard of Taylor Swift I went against the grain and said that she wasn’t my favorite because I thought she was overrated. Well if you know me at all the people that I “don’t like” when I first hear them 90% of the time turn out to my favorite. OKAY! So I am a huge Taylor Swift fan get over it! The first time I actually heard her music I was shocked I didn’t like her the first time. She wrote about everything that a highschool/college girl was feeling. Her music took me from previously feeling pretty dang depressed and pissed off at the male gender and back to reality. I love B to death and Thank Goodness I met this guy after my Taylor Swift wake up call because I had completely sworn of men and decided to focus on myself. Then Taylor Swift happened, and then I might B. Coincidence? I think not! So after all my ranting and loving 😛 I give this CD five stars for sure! Every song I have listened from her it’s like she puts you back in your highschool/college years and makes you reminisce about past times and smile at the same time. Awesome job Taylor, you rock our worlds!

And after all this that I have been holding in I am going to go listen to Taylor and read my new favorite book 😛

Love Always,


Luxuriously Lazy!

25 Oct

This morning B woke up at his normal time and his alarm went off without me hearing it like usual. I usually never wake up or hear him leave but this time I woke up while he was in the shower and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was a little frustrated and thought of all the things I could do to keep me busy this morning until E woke up. I turned on the light by the bed and saw the book I just picked up from the library. Problem solved! I spent the entire morning reading this book and it is so addicting. I am loving it! Thanks to the nook I have decided never to buy a book again unless I can get a sample of it to read the first 50 pages see if it’s interesting.

Today I had planned on moving everything back to our original place since the disaster and doing laundry. Today E and I have been watching sprout, taking naps, cooking, and relaxing! Although it has been a fabulous day, I am waiting for the guilty feeling to sneak up on me but as of right now I still feel like I have the rest of the day to accomplish something so I am not too worried.

I decided to have fun cooking this morning so I made up my own recipe.. which I will warn you the last couple times I tried to make up my own recipe it was an epic fail.. but I was feeling quite confident today!

1-2 pieces of thinly sliced chicken
Pasta of your choice
Salt & Pepper
Any spices you like (I used italian spices)
Cream cheese
Half n Half or Milk
Grated parmesan cheese
Either a can of Ragu, Prego, or a can of Petite Diced Tomatoes (I used Ragu because that’s all we had but next time I am using Petite Diced Tomatoes)

Instructions: I defrost the chicken then cut it up into bite size pieces. Dash salt and pepper and add a tablespoon of butter in a sauce pan. When the butter is melted While the water was boiling for the pasta I let the chicken brown. Add pasta to boiling water and set timer for the amount of time instructed on the box. Then when the chicken is browned and cooked all the way through add a quarter of cream cheese cubed. Once the cream cheese has melted add a cup of half n half or milk and a cup of grated parmesan cheese. Put the saucepan on low and it cook until the pasta is ready. If you like everything hot like I do I took a cup of the Ragu (Prego, or Petite Diced Tomatoes) and put it in the microwave just to warm it up. Strain the pasta pour into a bowl, add the chicken and cream sauce, then top with Ragu! Totally yummy!!

Well E and I are going to cuddle before her next nap time 🙂

Love Always,


Just Bead It!

24 Oct

Hoorraayyy! I finally got it done! This project was not as easy as it seems at all! The things you need: floral wire (30′ gauge) – $1.00 and seed beads or bugle beads – $2.99 -$3.99 a pack. My advice is to get the medium sized beads because the tiny one will not fit through the floral wire twice. The reason you need to use floral wire instead of jewelry wire? Floral wire is bendable and you can shape it into whatever position you want. Jewelry wire is basically fishing wire and takes it’s own shape. This is a super cheap project besides the fact that it takes a million beads! It took almost a complete box of beads to complete the flower above. There are larger flowers and smaller flowers so you can choose what size you want to do. It took me almost three hours to complete this flower. Probably because it was my first one and I had no idea what I was doing but the second half of it was counting the beads per row. Let’s just say it’s not that easy.. but it looks AWESOME! I am going to attempt to do another one this week on the smaller scale. The other thing I want to work on with this project is the flower I made is not very stable on it’s own. I am considering adding a thicker gauge floral wire to wrap around the individual petals to make it more durable. Not sure how these items would sell but I’ll put them up when I get more comfortable with it and let you know how it goes 😉

So that’s my review of Martha Stewarts Encyclopedia of Crafts the beading section! Fun, time consuming, cheap. Enjoy!

P.S. I got The Accidental Mother by Rowen Coleman and I am reading it now! 🙂

Love Always,


And this is where it all begins!

24 Oct

I started out this blog completely clueless about what I wanted to write about. I figured I’d start talking about my everyday life and a few people might follow along. Then I realized that this is a great place to get me back on track with my crafts and fun mom things I’ve wanted to do for sometime. THEN my sister got me hooked on books and now I have been reviewing things left and right thanks to this new survey thing I started. The best part of all is that I seem to be balancing all of these things and still getting my mom things done! (Even more so before because now I have motivation!) It’s amazing that this all started with my husband thinking about writing his own blog about sports, movies, and video games (the three loves of his life besides E and I of course) and what do you know.. I am the one blogging while he is still watching sports, movies, and playing video games. Haha I love him. But seriously the second I can get B to start blogging he will be on my blogroll list because he is an amazing writer.

It’s been exciting learning more about myself, other mothers out there, and for once in my life not feeling like I am not ping-ponging!! HOORAYY! I have mastered multi-tasking and not given up on one project yet. So keep your eyes open all you followers. Before you know it, this blog is going to make history 😛 Just kidding but wouldn’t it be cool!!? Haha. No but seriously, I said a little Thank you to all my 50 followers and this morning I don’t know what happened but my post titled Martha Stewart Hates Me 😉 got 189 views.. I hit over 200 today for the first time in my life I felt like I was reaching out to people! Okay okay, enough bragging. I get it, your yawning out there. Get back to the crafts J.. So here we go:

I promised an updated picture of my crocheting so here it is!

Sorry for the bad lighting and terrible picture quality. Love the convenience and hate the quality of camera phones!

I haven’t made it to the craft store today but it is on my list for tomorrow along with a trip to the library to pick up The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman. I am so excited!! I read the first 50 pages of this book using the Nook on Barnes and Noble (check out my previous post titled Book, Nook, Hooked if you are curious). Oh and I think I am getting a pick for E to review from my sister, K. That just might be the start of my review of children’s things because I sure have a lot to say about the toys this child has gotten!

Expect a couple of reviews from back when Emma was stationary. I am heading to the beginning and reviewing all those wonderful baby shower items and cleaning it out at the same time! YAY for decluttering!!

Yes that’s me prego with my all my gifts and little E in my belly!! Wow I look so much younger there …

Stay in touch.

Love Always,


Why do you blog?

22 Oct

Product of Google Image Search

These days it’s easier to reach out to people you would have never known if it wasn’t for blogs. Seeing/reading other mom’s blogs is total inspiration for me. Logging on and reading my subscriptions are like an email from a friend in a different city, state, country letting me know that their life is just like mine (crazy, fun, and totally lovable). It’s funny how these people we don’t even know or don’t even know us can make our life one step closer to amazing. Have you ever wondered who these people are that are logging on to read your subscription? Or just stopping by to see what you’re all about? Maybe it’s just me that sits here and things about these things. I like to think it’s those mom’s that are in my situation. Living in an area where they may have not been given the chance to meet other mom’s. That need a little satisfaction of knowing you aren’t alone. Maybe it’s just the kicks and giggles of motherhood that really keeps me going on strong but I really think if it wasn’t for some of these mom’s, I might curl up in this house and never leave!

Okay maybe I would but really.. isn’t it awesome that someone living in Australia is now my favorite person to wake up to every morning. And the thing of it is, she’s a mother of three dealing with Aspergers disorder and I really don’t have that much in common with her except for the fact that she’s a mom. She intrigues me. Reading about her life reminds me that I’ve got it easy and maybe I should spend a little more time thinking about other mom’s who don’t have it so easy.

Then there’s the mom who does it all. She wears a million different “hats”. She’s a mother, daughter, wife, family, friend, traveler, career, and so much more. How she handles all these things and still finds a way to inspire me to enjoy the little moments… impressive. She’s the one I log on to knowing that she is going to find a way to make me smile.

Either way, your reading this blog right now aren’t you? Everyone loves to know what’s going on in everyone elses life. I think it’s just a habit of nature to be so curious but for me it’s a way to open up my eyes and see we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all live. Welcome to the blogging life 🙂

Love Always,


Toddler .. Sit Still .. Ya Right!

22 Oct

If you could see me five minutes ago you would have seen me jumping up and down excited! I cleaned this place like no tomorrow and I am dang proud! I’ll tell you one difficult thing to do is clean up toys while your 1 year old is playing with them! I got to the point where I cleaned a room, she messed it up, I cleaned it again, and then shut the door so there were no more disasters! I had to do that with each room. Then when I got to the main level .. ooh lord there’s no doors. I pulled out the exercauser (which we haven’t used in MONTHS because she screams bloody murder if she can’t walk around. This child cannot be contained! Well anyways I put her in it whether she liked it or not because I needed to clean the place without turning around and stepping on a book or rubber duck! She didn’t seem to do that bad but it definitely didn’t last long. Now the living room is scattered with toys (mostly books). Guess that’s something I am just going to have to learn to live with. Toys everywhere until we learn how to clean up!

Another exciting thing! I should be getting my books from Barnes and Noble by Monday so we’ll be happily reading soon! That makes up for the fact that I didn’t make it to the craft store to get the right type of wire. I’ll be doing that this weekend and hopefully be back on track with crafting. That leaves me with nothing left but my crocheting. I bet your wondering how that’s going. Well!! I made the two sleeves according to the direction for a 12 month baby but let’s just say it was pretty snug on E so I took it apart and started over. We are halfway through one sleeve right now and would be much further if counting wasn’t so hard for me! Apparently I get really distracted and forget what loop I last counted or realize that I am five numbers off .. maybe it was just a bad day yesterday but all I kept doing was unraveling and recrocheting. I’ll send a picture when I get a little further.

Well that’s it for now. I’ve got some chicken carbonara to be cooking! YUMMY!

Love Always,


Chicken Carbonara … YUMMMM!

22 Oct

You know those days where you have one major thing to do and it takes all day to do it? That’s today for me! I am making dinner for my family (B and E) and B’s parents (Nana and Dodo and possible his brother and brother’s wife Uncle J and Aunt S). Of course there’s only so much I can do because B is going to be grilling up the chicken but I thought I would share the recipe with you all.

Chicken Carbonara .. YUUUUMMM. I totally stole this recipe from my mom (Thanks Momma D!) and she apparently stole it from Kraft 😉


1/2 lb of fettuccine pasta (or whatever pasta you like insert here)

4 slices of bacon chopped

4 oz of philadelphia cream cheese cubed

1 cup of grated parmesan cheese (it calls for 1/2 but we loooove our cheese)

1 cup of milk or half n half (we use half n half)

1 cup of frozen peas (or forget the peas please is what B says)

1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder or garlic salt (your preference here but we use salt)

As you can see Momma D changes things up.. but we love it!

Before you do anything! Get that chicken out of the freezer and drowned it in italian dressing for about an hour or so. For four pieces we usually use a half of a regular bottle of italian dressing or more.

Cook the pasta as directed on the package while cooking bacon in a large skillet until crisp. Remove bacon with slotted spoon to paper towels (or leave it in and enjoy the fatness like us!) Add remaining ingredients (cubed cream cheese until melted as much as possible, then milk, then peas or no peas, and garlic powder) Cook on low heat in skilled until mixture is well blended and heated through.

Drain pasta and place in a large bowl and add mixture (or after draining the pasta put it in the pan with the goods and mix it up so you can see if you  need more cheese or milk depending on if you like things creamy or cheeesssyyy!)

While I am doing this B grills the chicken so it’s hot and fresh! You can slice up the chicken and put it in the pasta or keep it separate. Either way it’s FANTABULOUS!


(If you love garlic bread, this is the perfect meal if you want it.)

Okay totally off subject but I wanted to Thank all my 50 viewers yesterday! That is the highest views I have ever gotten! EVER! Love you all 🙂

Plus I added a new page up front .. look up there to the top left! It’s the contact me page. It has my email so you can personally right to me and chat it up about whatever it is you want or you can check out my new page! If you don’t know what etsy is it’s basically but for homemade items. Totally cool!

Stay tuned for crafting fun this weekend 😀

Love Always,


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