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Crochet it Baby!

5 Oct

Okay so while I was on a craft downslide I found this “all for BABY!” Caron Simply Soft book at a local craft store that had this to die for picture of the cutest baby with a sweater and it tells you how to make it. BOUGHT IT! I am halfway done with the arm and it’s been about two weeks and I am seriously excited about it so I decided to share 🙂

This is a picture of the book and the awesome half a sleeve 🙂

So I’m Kind of Crafty!

5 Oct

I loooooove crafts. My problem? Finishing them. My entire family including my in-laws enjoy calling me a ping-ponger. As in I ping to one project then pong to another and ping  back to something else.. I think my newest goal with this blog is to accomplish my pings and pongs and prove that I am seriously crafty 😉 Well anyways I am a blog reader as well as a new blog writer and I almost daily read this blog called vanilla joy. She is giving away some ultimate crafty books and I wanted to share it with all those other crafty mom’s! Enjoy!!

About Me

5 Oct

Hey Everyone! I haven’t quite figured out what exactly it is that I want to blog about in particular so I am just going to start out with my life as it is now and see where it takes me 🙂 My name .. i’ll reference myself as J and my husband as B and my daughter as E. We are a young new family living in Northern Virginia working our way up. My mom always said when she was a new mom that they had literally nothing but hand-me-downs and made it work and part of me always loved that way of life. Starting off with just a little and working our way up as a family. My husband on the other hand has always been the kind of person who likes to start out with everything you need and nice stuff as well 😀

I agree with him in some ways because it is nice to have what you want but I think my generation has drifted away from the not really having much when you start out and it makes me wonder.. isn’t that the whole point of growing as a family? Doesn’t making it work with what you got make you stronger? Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I think the whole part of starting out as a family is starting out with each other not with all the stuff.

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