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The Good the Bad the UGLY: Being a mom!

6 Oct

Get comfy over there! This one is going to interesting!

Lets start with the good 🙂

The things I love about being a mom.. Teaching her how to grow up while she teaches me how to be a kid again, giving her the things she needs to lead a happy and healthy life and she gave me my dream come true (to be a mom), teaching her abc’s and 123’s while she teaches me to watch what I say and manage my budget, teaching her to be independent and strong while she teaches me to be less selfish and a little more patience, and my favorite.. teaching her she can be whatever she wants to be and she teaches me it’s okay to be who I am.

And here’s the bad, which really just leads to more good 🙂

I don’t know about all you other moms but I lost a lot of my self-confidence in these four steps..

1) Pregnancy – I think the most self-conscious things were not being able to properly shave my legs with a basketball in front of me. That was probably my most difficult moment.. being pregnant in the summer and not having long enough arms to wear the shorts. Lifting my hands up long enough to do my hair! Man that was a hard one, since you can’t lift anything of value your upper body becomes completely weak and lifting my arms above my head made me light headed almost instantly! Oh and being too tired to pluck my eyebrows or put make up on. Looking like a slob when your supposed to be glowing is a complete debbie downer!!

2) Privacy – The need for people you don’t even know to ask you seriously personal questions .. how do you answer to that!!? Then there is the free show you give to the obgyn on a regular basis and to the entire hospital staff which for me was something I was dreading the entire pregnancy! Never been very comfortable about that.

3) Aftermath – I am talking about the 3 month belly you still have after the delivery. My favorite part was walking through stores and people saying aww your baby is precious and then you hear them gabbing to their girlfriend as they continue walking .. “I can’t believe she is already pregnant again!!” Really!?? The sad part is most of these gabbing girlfriends are older women who have probably already had their children and HAD THE THREE MONTH BELLY afterwards.. you would think of all people they would remember what it was like!

4) Now – This might not apply to many of you but because I am 4’11 and naturally skinny I look like I am 16 when I am definitely nearing my mid-twenties! Going to the mall with my mom and E and people walking by saying I am an amazing big sister… thanks. Then when I am at Target one day and a little girl (probably ranging from 8-10) asks me “hold is the baby?” and I reply “two months” and she asks “where’s the mommy?” …. “I am her mommy.” and then here’s the best part “how old are you?”   Ouch.

Another hard thing that I have come to terms with is making mommy friends. Looking as young as I do and being home a majority of the time makes it tough to find other moms out there. Part of the biggest struggle for me was going to those free mom and baby activities and being afraid I would be judged by all the other moms or I would be the youngest mom there. I finally took the hard step and went to the library for story and song time with E and made a new friend 🙂 I am hoping this will be the next step in the right direction for me!

But through all of the decomposing self-esteem stages and remarks I am a proud mother of a gorgeous one year old daughter. I now sleep through the night so I don’t look like a zombie anymore, I get to shower on a regular basis, I sometimes get the time to get all dressed up make up and all, and through all the pain I have gotten stronger and more confident. Which ultimately seems to be showing more signs that I am in fact her mother when I am out and about and people are noticing!

Like I said earlier my favorite part of being a mom is teaching her she can be whatever she wants to be and she teaches me it’s okay to be who I am.

Side note: Does anyone else get inspiration while in the shower? It seems like that is my thinking spot. I make lists, daydream funny stories, plan the future (over and over and over again), and think about the past.

Another side note: I want to thank my amazing husband for understanding me and giving me the ability to be a stay at home mom for my daughter.

Love Always,


Racing the Microwave!

6 Oct

Okay so going along with my last blog! I read about this mom who put her microwave timer on for 15-30 minutes depending on whatever project it was she was trying to get done and then when the timer when off she went on to the next one. Attempted .. AWESOME IDEA! I spent fifteen minutes cleaning out the living room and kitchen then put the timer on for 30 minutes got the storage cleaned up and hole made for JP (sister’s boyfriend) to get the stuff he needs. I even had 12 minutes left on the clock which was a perfect amount of time to give E a snack and while I was digging a hole in the storage I found an chair we used for E when she was born that we adjusted and she can use now!! Totally syked because I was contemplating buying her a 30-50 dollar chair. Love when things are free! Props to Fisher Price for making things ranging from newborns to toddlers with the flip and click of minimal things 🙂

Point one for underestimated mom!

Now on to laundry and vacuuming!

Love Always,


Ohhh Myyy..

6 Oct

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed today, and I should probably doing something around the house besides blogging but somehow I can’t seem to pull it together. The house is a mess, laundry is waiting, and the dishes are screaming my name! Vacuuming is a high priority and my sister’s boyfriend is coming to pick stuff up out of our storage that needs a complete makeover.. Not to mention he needs something that’s wayyyy deep in the disaster! Somehow I need to pull it together and get something done!

Side note:  How come Mom’s don’t get sick days? I knew I was signing up for it when I became a stay at home mom so I can’t really complain but it would be nice to lay down right now!

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