Racing the Microwave!

6 Oct

Okay so going along with my last blog! I read about this mom who put her microwave timer on for 15-30 minutes depending on whatever project it was she was trying to get done and then when the timer when off she went on to the next one. Attempted .. AWESOME IDEA! I spent fifteen minutes cleaning out the living room and kitchen then put the timer on for 30 minutes got the storage cleaned up and hole made for JP (sister’s boyfriend) to get the stuff he needs. I even had 12 minutes left on the clock which was a perfect amount of time to give E a snack and while I was digging a hole in the storage I found an chair we used for E when she was born that we adjusted and she can use now!! Totally syked because I was contemplating buying her a 30-50 dollar chair. Love when things are free! Props to Fisher Price for making things ranging from newborns to toddlers with the flip and click of minimal things 🙂

Point one for underestimated mom!

Now on to laundry and vacuuming!

Love Always,


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