Mold and Rollie Pollie’s

7 Oct

I want to start of by saying that the contractor’s who built this place were completely HORRIBLE ..

Okay so I was moving stuff around today to vacuum and oh wow!! There is a waterline of water damage and mold growing on the baseboards.. The last time I moved this stuff was probably two to three weeks ago so it wasn’t to the point where you touch the wall and it crumbles but it was spotty and significant lines of black gray green blue mold. THEN! Looking down at the line of the carpet there is an infestation (I would guesstimate around 40) rollie pollies loving this dark wet warm new home they have found.. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! Now don’t get me wrong, as a kid I used to LOVE rollie pollies! The fact that they thought rolling up into a ball was going to protect them just made me think that they were cute little creatures and my favorite part was if you sat real still with them in your had eventually they would think they were away from danger and unroll and keep crawling! I would much rather have these little bugs than worms, big hairy spiders, or thinks that are going to attack me! But a pile of them? What if E tried to eat one? GROSS. Moving on.

Initially I had a complete panic attack along with a bazillion tears and freaking out that my child has mold damage that is going to affect her for the rest of her life and the thought if this costing a fortune, new baseboards, new plaster walls, new carpet, basically a completely new place!!! Of course our minds go to the worst image possible and mine was the entire place plastic wrapped and not being able to go in the house for days while they suck the place clean from the inside out.

Then B comes home. Sucks up the little pollie’s and dry mold, clorox and magic eraser’s the baseboards, paper towels the place, creates a barrier for E, and has a completely calm attitude. He checks outside to see where the water damage might be coming in, found some possible places, and says we will figure it all out and the biggest thing we need to pay attention to is if the mold starts coming back. He states that we have had a lot of thunderstorms and rainy days lately so there is a good chance this is current water damage and hasn’t been here for long. So reassuring, so calm, so collected, and puts in the back of his mind while I am sitting there thinking we are all going to die and I feel like I am breathing in little spores of mold … ewwww… he’s amazing.

Well it’s been one heck of a day and I am exhausted!! Thanks to Nana and Dodo (B’s Parents) for inviting us over for dinner and some fresh air 😉

G’night everyone!


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