Stay at home Mom & Dad?

8 Oct

Oh what a dream come true that would be!

B and I have always been the kind of people who enjoy being home. We each take turns cleaning things, taking care of Emma, being lazy, taking care of each other, and our favorites .. indulging in the things we love the most. Me- crafts, computer games, and blogging. B- watching sports, movies, and playing video games. B went to school for a journalism degree and it was his idea to start a blog about sports and video games and he got me thinking that it would be so much fun! I was also inspired by She started a blog just to share what she liked (getting amazing deals and things for free!) and she created a business out of it! So my little mind wonders .. could it happen to me?

What if B and I both created businesses that made it possible for us to stay home? Now honestly, I have been thinking about this for years but I just knew it could never happen .. now I am starting to change my mind!! If blogging had been “in” four years ago I think I wouldn’t have a problem creating a business. In highschool I was a creativity queen. I constantly made scrapbooks out of my highschool planner, took a zillion pictures, used leftover scraps from my moms wrapping paper and whatever else was lying around the house, and made a masterpiece out of it. When I was in journalism I could spend hours in front of the computer screen creating graphic designs. I also took an art class and loved everything that my teacher had to offer. I never doubted what I was working on then because I always had the feeling that I was going to make it work. Not so much the case now..

I wonder if that’s how B feels about writing? He had no problem pumping out an awesome article in college. He doesn’t write much now but I think if he did it wouldn’t take long for him to get back into it.

So I have made a decision. I found this book from by Martha Stewart. It’s called The Encyclopedia of Crafts. I flipped through this book in complete amazement that she had almost EVERYTHING in there! Of course it’s going to cost money so I am going to have to work on one project every couple of weeks. So in between that I am going to keep crocheting it baby!! Haha. I plan on reviewing each project, letting you know how much it costs, how much it’s worth when it’s completed, how difficult it is, and if it’s any fun!! So consider this my first craft review. The beginning of what could eventually be a crafty lifestyle 😉


Love always,


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