A little bit of this & a little bit of that! Toddler shoes??

9 Oct

Today is the day when we get a boatload of coupons in the mail! I don’t know why but I LOVE going through all of these coupons. I am especially excited about the Columbus Day sales going on that are going to let me get a good chunk of crafting supplies for the Martha Stewart book review! Being a stay at home mom it’s always rewarding when you save money but it  takes some practice. I used to go through them and say ooh let’s try this it’s 50 cents off! Big problem. You end up spending twice as much on stuff you would have never gotten in the first place. Now I go through them and if I know I don’t use it I don’t clip it, but when you come across those coupons that you do use its pure excitement!

I went through the book today and I think the first few things I am going to try are beading, paper cutting and punching, paper flowers and birds, quilling, and wirework.


This is going to be so much fun!!

Also, I am on to the second sleeve of the sweater for E and hoping to get this done before she is too big to wear it! It’s amazing how fast children grow. At her 1st year birthday party we were telling everyone she is wearing 9 month outfits and now she going on 15 months and we can’t get a 9 month shirt over her head and it seems like some of the 12 month outfits are fitting perfectly.. as in not going to last much longer! Haha it seems like as soon as a size fits her perfectly it only takes a few weeks and she is on to the next. 

Oh here’s a good question for all you moms out there! Where can I find simple toddler girl shoes? Everywhere I look they have a pattern or multiple colors, or decorations, and even BEDAZZLED shoes!! I feel like her outfits already have enough happening her shoes just need to be simple. Plus I would like one pair that matches everything like a tan or brown. Does any other mom feel this way or know of a place I can get some size 4’s without paying out the wazoo??

Well someone needs a new diaper, pj’s, a bottle, then bed!

Love Always,


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