Paper Flower Power!

10 Oct

Review #1 of Encyclopedia of Crafts by Martha Stewart!

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 The things you need to make it and how much it cost me to buy them.

Tissue paper – for an assortment pack. $1.00

Florist Wire – any type but I bought 20 gauge strips of 18 inches. $0.69

Scissors – a nice sharp pair. $7.69

Wire cutters – $4.39

Pliers – $4.39

Ruler – $1.75

Pencil – everyone should have a pencil 😉

So if you don’t have anything in this list it is going to cost you = $18.91 plus tax. If you have all the tools the only thing you will probably need to go back for is tissue paper and wire totalling $1.69 I wouldn’t consider this a project worthy of selling but out of one assortment pack with 20 sheets you could make 40 little puffs or 2 big puffs. If I were to sell this (and make some income) I would probably sell the little puffs for $0.50 cents each and $1.00 for the big ones.

The instructions in the book aren’t really that helpful. It gives you the basic outline and you kind of have to figure it out on your own. The first one I did looked ridiculous!! When I made the second one (the yellow one in the picture) I measured and cut out the four 10×5 pieces of tissue paper and I ignored the length of which I was supposed to fold it and just guesstimated so don’t waste your time measuring that. I took the wire and my pliers and and bent it to make a really skinny U shape long enough to go past the size of  the paper. I then put the wire in the middle of the folded tissue paper and and wrapped the wire around the other side. I cut the long part of the wire and trimmed the two sides of tissue paper. I made mine into little triangle like shapes but you can make any shape you want. After that I took the ends of the tissue paper and spread them out to make it look like a fan. Now this is the tricky part! You need to peel back each layer of tissue paper one by one. It takes practice for this part so don’t expect your first one to come out looking like a masterpiece!! Hopefully my instructions and slideshow are a little more helpful then this book.

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