Patience is a vurtue .. and I am running out ;)

10 Oct

Whew! It has been a rough day! E is on this grunting and squeeling kick and today it was seriously getting to B and I. It seemed like everything she knows she isn’t allowed to touch/do.. she touched/did.. I think if I had endured this day alone I would be in a big ball of a mess when B came home! It seems like every other word out of my mouth was “E Noo!!!!” and everything I was hearing was fake cries, grunts, and squeels!!!! Do terrible two’s really start at age 1?

Luckily this is the first day that B and I have felt like we were losing our minds and I have to give major props to him for taking care of her a majority of the day today so I could do some crafting 🙂 But I am seriously looking forward to bedtime tonight so B and I can have some relaxation and adult time!! I know B had a rough day besides E driving him crazy. Our internet here likes to go in and out at random occasions which makes it difficult for him to play his video games online. Then he decided to play a game that didn’t require the internet and said, “I really want to like this game but I am not liking it..”. Poor thing. On top of that I am kicking his butt in fantasty football league this week! (Oops!)

On a different note, B made this AMAZING lunch this afternoon! While I was at the grocery he asked me to pick up fresh bread, cheese, and lunch meat. I got a buy one get one free roll of sourdough and french bread and he made me a grilled cheese with colby jack cheese. It tasted like it came from a restaurant! It was sooooooooooooo gooooooooood! I know your probably thinking it’s just a grilled cheese J, but this was the best grilled cheese I have ever had and it tops Panera Bread. He really is the better cook in the family.

Well it looks like someone special needs some diaper assitance so I guess this is it for now 😉



One Response to “Patience is a vurtue .. and I am running out ;)”

  1. nadishia October 10, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

    lol, it really starts at one. My 15 month old has immense tantrums already

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