What would I do without you?

15 Oct

It’s amazing how one person can make your life a million times better. This week was probably the hardest week I have had in a long time. A majority of the week I spent away from home visiting people and spending time with family helping out here and there. I wouldn’t take any of it back because each day was much needed time with them. You know how they say babies need a schedule to stick to in order for them to be their best? I think adults need it just as much!!

Well anyways, back to my point. B came in and saved the week for me. He took care of the little things at the house that I couldn’t, he took care of Emma when I ran out of energy, and he took care of me. This isn’t unusual of B at all. He has always been there for me and so supportive of everything. It’s like all those little things he did was with a smile. Like he knew he was taking a weight of my shoulders and was proud of it. That was amazing.

My mom has always said that I am the kind of person that puts everyone else first and me last. I get pleasure from knowing that I am making someone else’s life easier/better. She wanted someone who would do the same for me and B does. He is my better half.

So this post is a HUGE THANK YOU to my amazing husband. I love you!

Love always,


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