Kick it back ;)

16 Oct

 Feel like laying down, letting the sun take away everything negative, and enjoying some much needed relaxation? Me too!! Too bad it’s now fall and 8:00 p.m. so it’s kind of impossible but I am totally closing my eyes daydreaming I am 🙂 So this totally relaxed tanned lady is definitely not me. It’s a product of a google image search but this is where my daydreaming is taking me! On my “I am not doing anything” day off I went ahead and did laundry, did the dishes, made dinner for B and E and cleaned it up and the satisfaction is a total high right now! It doesn’t take much to get me excited. I am definitely an easy pleaser but just knowing I got a little done makes the night that much more fun! I feel like I am free of my list of things to do and my stress level completely drops. Today has been the exact relaxing day that I said I wanted it just so happens that I am still getting things done 😛

Well I have been addicted to this book K got me. It’s called Naptime Is the New Happy Hour by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor and it usually takes me a month to read a book and I have knocked it out ironically in a few nap times. I am already halfway through and I am definitely going to be writing a book review on this one! I think half of the reason I have flown through this book is my relaxation mode and I am determined to find this feeling during the week!! If I could accomplish this each day I would have so much crafting/fun time for mommy I wouldn’t know what to do with it.. just kidding I have lists upon lists 😉 haha.

Okay, back to closing my eyes and daydreaming of laying out in the sunshine for me.

Love Always,


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