Tough Mommy Love

18 Oct

I know the toddler years are heading this way now that eating has become me cooking 6 meals and only a half of one is being eaten. I have never been a big fan of not trying to accommodate to my child and B will vouch for that but at some point  you have to stop and say .. 6 meals and you can’t find one you like kid? Today was that day. I made my lunch and her lunch. E didn’t want her lunch so I offered my lunch. She didn’t want that either so I put her down and decided she would let me know when she was hungry. Well that was obviously not how she had planned lunch today so she walked in circles around our table today fussing each time she got to my chair. I offered her the same two meals each time, sometimes she took it, sometimes she didn’t. It wasn’t until about an hour later that she gave in and ate what I made her but boy was I excited about a successful lunch!!

I don’t think that was the greatest time to jump for joy because tonight she got me back. Real good! Tonight she ate her dinner like a pro and played for a while on her own. Then the fussies began. She wasn’t happy with anything! B and I gave up around 7:30 and tried a bottle and bed which resulted in her screaming her head off in her crib. Well my heart broke a little, okay a lot! I gave in and picked her up and held her close. She was doing the I cried to hard hiccup and it was so pitiful I brought her back upstairs and set her down on the floor. Right now? Yeah she’s playing on the floor with her toys then randomly grabbing her taggy and acting like she is going to fall asleep.. and then pops back up and plays again.

So when is it the right time to have tough love and when is the right time to give in? This is the hardest question I have yet to answer.

Love Always,


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