Toddler .. Sit Still .. Ya Right!

22 Oct

If you could see me five minutes ago you would have seen me jumping up and down excited! I cleaned this place like no tomorrow and I am dang proud! I’ll tell you one difficult thing to do is clean up toys while your 1 year old is playing with them! I got to the point where I cleaned a room, she messed it up, I cleaned it again, and then shut the door so there were no more disasters! I had to do that with each room. Then when I got to the main level .. ooh lord there’s no doors. I pulled out the exercauser (which we haven’t used in MONTHS because she screams bloody murder if she can’t walk around. This child cannot be contained! Well anyways I put her in it whether she liked it or not because I needed to clean the place without turning around and stepping on a book or rubber duck! She didn’t seem to do that bad but it definitely didn’t last long. Now the living room is scattered with toys (mostly books). Guess that’s something I am just going to have to learn to live with. Toys everywhere until we learn how to clean up!

Another exciting thing! I should be getting my books from Barnes and Noble by Monday so we’ll be happily reading soon! That makes up for the fact that I didn’t make it to the craft store to get the right type of wire. I’ll be doing that this weekend and hopefully be back on track with crafting. That leaves me with nothing left but my crocheting. I bet your wondering how that’s going. Well!! I made the two sleeves according to the direction for a 12 month baby but let’s just say it was pretty snug on E so I took it apart and started over. We are halfway through one sleeve right now and would be much further if counting wasn’t so hard for me! Apparently I get really distracted and forget what loop I last counted or realize that I am five numbers off .. maybe it was just a bad day yesterday but all I kept doing was unraveling and recrocheting. I’ll send a picture when I get a little further.

Well that’s it for now. I’ve got some chicken carbonara to be cooking! YUMMY!

Love Always,


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