Why do you blog?

22 Oct

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These days it’s easier to reach out to people you would have never known if it wasn’t for blogs. Seeing/reading other mom’s blogs is total inspiration for me. Logging on and reading my subscriptions are like an email from a friend in a different city, state, country letting me know that their life is just like mine (crazy, fun, and totally lovable). It’s funny how these people we don’t even know or don’t even know us can make our life one step closer to amazing. Have you ever wondered who these people are that are logging on to read your subscription? Or just stopping by to see what you’re all about? Maybe it’s just me that sits here and things about these things. I like to think it’s those mom’s that are in my situation. Living in an area where they may have not been given the chance to meet other mom’s. That need a little satisfaction of knowing you aren’t alone. Maybe it’s just the kicks and giggles of motherhood that really keeps me going on strong but I really think if it wasn’t for some of these mom’s, I might curl up in this house and never leave!

Okay maybe I would but really.. isn’t it awesome that someone living in Australia is now my favorite person to wake up to every morning. And the thing of it is, she’s a mother of three dealing with Aspergers disorder and I really don’t have that much in common with her except for the fact that she’s a mom. She intrigues me. Reading about her life reminds me that I’ve got it easy and maybe I should spend a little more time thinking about other mom’s who don’t have it so easy. http://fiona2107.wordpress.com/

Then there’s the mom who does it all. She wears a million different “hats”. She’s a mother, daughter, wife, family, friend, traveler, career, and so much more. How she handles all these things and still finds a way to inspire me to enjoy the little moments… impressive. She’s the one I log on to knowing that she is going to find a way to make me smile. http://babycross.wordpress.com/

Either way, your reading this blog right now aren’t you? Everyone loves to know what’s going on in everyone elses life. I think it’s just a habit of nature to be so curious but for me it’s a way to open up my eyes and see we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all live. Welcome to the blogging life 🙂

Love Always,


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