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Just Bead It!

24 Oct

Hoorraayyy! I finally got it done! This project was not as easy as it seems at all! The things you need: floral wire (30′ gauge) – $1.00 and seed beads or bugle beads – $2.99 -$3.99 a pack. My advice is to get the medium sized beads because the tiny one will not fit through the floral wire twice. The reason you need to use floral wire instead of jewelry wire? Floral wire is bendable and you can shape it into whatever position you want. Jewelry wire is basically fishing wire and takes it’s own shape. This is a super cheap project besides the fact that it takes a million beads! It took almost a complete box of beads to complete the flower above. There are larger flowers and smaller flowers so you can choose what size you want to do. It took me almost three hours to complete this flower. Probably because it was my first one and I had no idea what I was doing but the second half of it was counting the beads per row. Let’s just say it’s not that easy.. but it looks AWESOME! I am going to attempt to do another one this week on the smaller scale. The other thing I want to work on with this project is the flower I made is not very stable on it’s own. I am considering adding a thicker gauge floral wire to wrap around the individual petals to make it more durable. Not sure how these items would sell but I’ll put them up when I get more comfortable with it and let you know how it goes 😉

So that’s my review of Martha Stewarts Encyclopedia of Crafts the beading section! Fun, time consuming, cheap. Enjoy!

P.S. I got The Accidental Mother by Rowen Coleman and I am reading it now! 🙂

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And this is where it all begins!

24 Oct

I started out this blog completely clueless about what I wanted to write about. I figured I’d start talking about my everyday life and a few people might follow along. Then I realized that this is a great place to get me back on track with my crafts and fun mom things I’ve wanted to do for sometime. THEN my sister got me hooked on books and now I have been reviewing things left and right thanks to this new survey thing I started. The best part of all is that I seem to be balancing all of these things and still getting my mom things done! (Even more so before because now I have motivation!) It’s amazing that this all started with my husband thinking about writing his own blog about sports, movies, and video games (the three loves of his life besides E and I of course) and what do you know.. I am the one blogging while he is still watching sports, movies, and playing video games. Haha I love him. But seriously the second I can get B to start blogging he will be on my blogroll list because he is an amazing writer.

It’s been exciting learning more about myself, other mothers out there, and for once in my life not feeling like I am not ping-ponging!! HOORAYY! I have mastered multi-tasking and not given up on one project yet. So keep your eyes open all you followers. Before you know it, this blog is going to make history 😛 Just kidding but wouldn’t it be cool!!? Haha. No but seriously, I said a little Thank you to all my 50 followers and this morning I don’t know what happened but my post titled Martha Stewart Hates Me 😉 got 189 views.. I hit over 200 today for the first time in my life I felt like I was reaching out to people! Okay okay, enough bragging. I get it, your yawning out there. Get back to the crafts J.. So here we go:

I promised an updated picture of my crocheting so here it is!

Sorry for the bad lighting and terrible picture quality. Love the convenience and hate the quality of camera phones!

I haven’t made it to the craft store today but it is on my list for tomorrow along with a trip to the library to pick up The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman. I am so excited!! I read the first 50 pages of this book using the Nook on Barnes and Noble (check out my previous post titled Book, Nook, Hooked if you are curious). Oh and I think I am getting a pick for E to review from my sister, K. That just might be the start of my review of children’s things because I sure have a lot to say about the toys this child has gotten!

Expect a couple of reviews from back when Emma was stationary. I am heading to the beginning and reviewing all those wonderful baby shower items and cleaning it out at the same time! YAY for decluttering!!

Yes that’s me prego with my all my gifts and little E in my belly!! Wow I look so much younger there …

Stay in touch.

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