Food, Books, Tubs, & Taylor Swift :D

26 Oct

I have a list of interesting things that I have been dying to write about all day today but haven’t really stopped to have the chance. So here it goes! Super awesome deal number one. If you are a mother of a young child (1-90 haha) I found the perfect snacks! I went grocery shopping the other day and went down the snack isle now that E is eating everything and the baby snacks just don’t do it for her anymore. Well all I found was junk food which I am not a hater on junk food. I love junk food and E will love junk food when she can pick her own food but for now being a responsible adult feel like she needs to eat somewhat healthy for as long as I can get her too. So I seriously disappointed strolling down this isle and came to the crackers which I figured, we have those they just crumble everywhere and make a mess .. and something caught my eye!

CLUB MINIS! These are awesome! They are bitesize and perfect for little hands and little teeth! And semi-healthy because they do have butter. E tried these and was begging for more and it makes me feel awesome that I am not worried about a total mess or a choking baby because they practically melt in your mouth. Plus B can’t keep his hand out of the box 😉 Haha I love this guy!

Next item on my list is an update on The Accidental Mom by Rowan Coleman. I am 200 pages into this book (out of 400) and I still have not hit a boring section yet! This book is definitely an interesting read! Should be done with it before the end of the week if it’s as good as the first half was.

Also! My first review of baby items!! The First Years Sure Comfort NewbornToddler Tub:

E used this from day one to year 1 and after that she was ready to move around a little more and get out! I think it’s a smart purchase because anything that can last from newborn to toddler saves you money rather than buying two different tubs for two different stages. I liked everything about this tub minus the fact that E didn’t seem to like it as much as I did when she got older 🙂 Another not so great thing is when you are in-between the newborn stage and the sitting up stage I felt like it needed a little more cushioning. It never seemed like it was quite comfy to me but then again I am not the one in the tub 😛 Overall this gets four stars for me!

Next Subject: My daily life! Today was E’s 15 month appointment and we have all been crossing her fingers that she weighed twenty points so we could turn her car seat around!! I don’t know why as a first time mother you seriously can’t wait for the next step (whatever step it is) to happen! I am always trying to be patient but seriously it’s just so exciting. Well sad news is this child got a seriously fast metabolism from her mother so she only weighs 19.6 nakie. Good news! Pediatrician said we could turn it around because she has all the physical abilities she needs and with clothes on (which she will have on in her car seat) probably puts her at 20 pounds. YAYYYY!!! Guess what we’ll be doing later this week??? NOT CAR SEAT SHOPPING but turning that baby around! Yes I bought a car seat that goes both ways .. saving money here is my number one favorite thing to do!

Oh and last but not least! My favorite review of all. Taylor Swifts new album Speak Now. First of I want to go ahead and say that when I first heard of Taylor Swift I went against the grain and said that she wasn’t my favorite because I thought she was overrated. Well if you know me at all the people that I “don’t like” when I first hear them 90% of the time turn out to my favorite. OKAY! So I am a huge Taylor Swift fan get over it! The first time I actually heard her music I was shocked I didn’t like her the first time. She wrote about everything that a highschool/college girl was feeling. Her music took me from previously feeling pretty dang depressed and pissed off at the male gender and back to reality. I love B to death and Thank Goodness I met this guy after my Taylor Swift wake up call because I had completely sworn of men and decided to focus on myself. Then Taylor Swift happened, and then I might B. Coincidence? I think not! So after all my ranting and loving 😛 I give this CD five stars for sure! Every song I have listened from her it’s like she puts you back in your highschool/college years and makes you reminisce about past times and smile at the same time. Awesome job Taylor, you rock our worlds!

And after all this that I have been holding in I am going to go listen to Taylor and read my new favorite book 😛

Love Always,


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