Don’t Judge Me!

4 Nov

“As much as you want to take care of your child, you can’t unless you take care of yourself too.” My mother likes to say this to me a lot and she’s right. When E was first-born I tended to go overboard sometimes and give up everything, eating, resting, showering, cleaning, just to give E what she needs and I thought I was doing exactly what I was supposed to. Little did I know I was making myself sick and hurting my relationship with B. I was so exhausted and moody from lack of sleep and nutrition that I took a lot of it out on him and. So who is to say when you take care of yourself and when you take care of your child? Now that E is old enough to entertain herself for an hour at a time (sometimes less) I get that time to take care of me and I have figured out sneaky ways to get some me time in there 😉 I shower when she naps or before she gets up in the morning, I make easy finger foods for E to eat so I can eat at the same time. I do the chores that I can do while she’s awake and the ones I can’t while she’s asleep. But most of all, when B gets home from work I use that time to sit next to him and just relax. We watch E play with her toys and bring us books to read to her until it’s time for dinner. We all eat together and B helps me feed her so we can all eat a hot meal. By the time that’s all over E is usually at her down time and starting to do a lot less moving around and a lot more laying on the floor until bed time 😛 It took us an entire year to get where we are today. All healthy, happy, and a lot less cranky 😉

It’s different for every mother, father, and child but when it all works out it’s an amazing feeling. So new parents out there don’t give up hope!! One day you’ll be on a full nights sleep, freshly showered, eating a hot freshly cooked breakfast, and laughing at the fact that your child thinks climbing into the bucket of toys is exactly how you are supposed play with them!!

Love Always,


One Response to “Don’t Judge Me!”

  1. newm0mmy November 4, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

    I know what your saying. It’s hard to take care of yourself or partner when you are all about your child. I don’t know how those super moms do it. Bake fresh cupcakes, play dates, look pretty and children and partner is happy not just content. I have to remember to shower to get dressed if I’m at home all day. Hopefully when she’s older it will get easier ha ha ha

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