The Perfect Plan

4 Nov

Okay! I did exactly what I planned, minus the laying in bed and reading stuff on my cell phone 😛  That is going to be a habit I am going to have to slowly kick.. but ANYWAYS! I got up made the bed, got E ready, gave her a breakfast she could eat on her own, made hot chocolate, ate some breakfast myself, and picked up a few things around the house! It looks like E has no intention of taking a nap so I think I will keep doing some chores until the afternoon nap. It’s been a great morning though. E seems to be getting the vibe too and  has been in a pleasant mood so far. The only breakdown we seem to be consistently having is she doesn’t like getting her diaper changed.. I think this is every mothers problem not just mine!!

Looks like it’s time to turn on some music and get back to my positive planned day 😛

Love Always,


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