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Homemade Christmas Cards :)

9 Nov

I decided I better start these suckers now because it takes me a while to get these kinds of things done! I was inspired by a piece of art that was stippled while I was browsing around on wordpress. I haven’t stippled since freshman year of college and I probably should be doing it daily 😉 It is such a great stress reliever and takes your mind off of EVERYTHING.

I made E’s birthday invitations almost completely from scratch and I loved doing it so I planned on making Christmas cards too. Somehow it’s more fun for me knowing that I accomplished a lot more than just buying a card and signing my  name 😉

Take in mind that this is just the beginning. It only took me about ten – fifteen minutes to get this far because stippling is kind of time consuming but the rest was a piece of cake. Trying to find some good ideas to add a little Christmas theme design on the top right and hoping to take family photo’s to paste on the back? For some reason I am obsessed with pictures haha. If you couldn’t already tell I feel pictures are worth a million words.

So if I actually get these done before it’s time to send them out I might have to come up with something else to add .. like home-baked goodies!!??  YUMMM.


Love Always,


Nook Idiot

9 Nov

I had previously posted about Barnes and Nobles free downloadable eNook that allows you to read books from your computer. Super cool and I loved it. Now that I actually downloaded a few books.. they aren’t showing up on my library and I AM TOTALLY not okay with it. Maybe I am not all that brilliant but whats the point of downloading this little thing if I can’t read any books? (except for the first sample I got) Pretty disappointed so if anyone has any clue on how to use this thing I would greatly appreciate it.

King Pinz, Call of Duty, and the McRib!

9 Nov

Yesterday we celebrated B’s birthday and I promised pictures .. unfortunately I forgot my camera so I am using google pictures (minus B’s card and E’s pic) to give you a feel of the night.

The place looked like this:

The girls drank these:

The boys drank these:

E wore daddy’s favorite shirt:

and since we aren’t spending money on each other for gives I gave B this:

Then we came back to the house for some fresh hot BROWNIES!

It was an awesome night and right now? Yeah B is playing Call of Duty: Black Opps with no interruptions 🙂 I even went to McDonald’s to buy him a McRib so he could eat his favorite McDonald’s meal and keep playing. I love him.

Love Always,


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