Daydreaming again!

11 Nov

There are so many things I should probably be doing right now but instead I am blogging šŸ™‚ Ever since I started moving all of my craft stuff into its new home I have been getting ideas out the wazoo! And thanks to my mother-in-law I have so many cool things to use for my Christmas cards!! That’s probably going to me on the top of my list to work on tonight depending on how E is doing. I’ve also been finding a bunch of stuff that we never used, or don’t use anymore of our stuff and E’s stuff that I am considering selling on Ebay. I read an article about how a mom went through all of her kids stuff that they didn’t use anymore and made a fortune off of Ebay. It said that children and kitchen things were highest on the list of sold items. It makes sense because no one wants to pay full price for something that a child is going to use for all of three months and never need agin. A lot of the stuff I bought I intentionally made sure that it would last newborn-toddler so I wasn’t going out and buying double things that weren’t necessary.

Unfortunately since E has been sick this past few days I haven’t done much except take care of her and some online christmas shopping šŸ™‚ Oh and of course baking cookies!! I don’t know what was up with me yesterday but I was in a crazy cooking mood. I made dinner and decided that I wasn’t quite over cooking yet so I made funfettiĀ cookies. My favorite kind of cake is funfettiĀ cake and thanks to all my college friends that lived with me in my dorm and had the same obsession we made funfettiĀ cake as much as we possible could! They turned out greaat!! Yummy!

E seems to be feeling better today, she’s eating more, drinking more, and actually sleeping! Yesterday E decided she didn’t need to sleep at all. It made me freak out a little because usually when she is sick all she does is sleep but not this time. I am hoping this nap lasts a little longer than usual so she can do a little catching up and I can do a little cleaning up.

Oh and for those of you following my book reviews I am a quarter way through Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. It was a slow start and it’s picking up a little bit but still a little slow for me. I feel like I am still getting to know some of the main characters and I am missing some major details about each of them. Curious to see how it turns out but if it keeps up the way that it is.. it’s going to take a me a while to get through this one. I live for the books that I can’t put down but this seems like a book I keep forgetting to pick up and when I do pick it up I keep putting it down. It’s sad because so far I like the plot and the idea of it I just can’t stand the lack of information and slow speed.. more updates later on this one!

Well E just woke up.. looks like my daydream of a long nap is officially over šŸ˜› Back to being super mom!

Love Always,


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