You mean you actually read the instruction manual? Why..

11 Nov

My first sleeve is finally done!! For all of you who crochet out there I know you can remember your first project where you felt like you had no idea what you were doing and when you got part of it finished or all of it finished the successful feeling that I am feeling 🙂 I started the second sleeve but I have trouble counting when there’s other noises and distractions in the room .. aka B and football which makes him excited and talkative and .. well loud 😛 I love him. So I will be continuing that tomorrow while he’s at work 😉

I am the kind of person that has trouble following rules and taking hints. I started this project reading the instructions and since the first day I have been kind of doing it my own way, teaching myself something else and continuing. I have had to completely undo two half-sleeves and start over and I am so happy to say that I finally completed one even though if I had followed the instructions I probably would be almost finished with it. But that’s just the way I am..

The instructions on this manual are in all abreviations which in the back explain it in a little more detail but if you are anything like me who doesn’t really get it until I try a couple of times without the instructions being abbreviated then you understand my struggle. I know that this first sweater is not going to be perfect but it’s going to be functional and I am going to be so proud when it’s done! Then after that I hope that I like it enough to keep working on it and slowly get better with each one because this is the kind of project I can do and still be seriously lazy.. as long as B isn’t talking football in my ear 😉

Update on E: I checked her temperature after her nap and it’s still a 99.6 and it doesn’t seem to be budging. I gave her some more tylenol but if it’s still this way tomorrow I think I am going to be a little worried. This whole time I have been thinking that it is teething because she’s not eating food that she has to chew very well. She’s been shoving down all the half frozen fruit I have been feeding her thinking it will help numb up her gums. She was drinking great for me the first day of sickness but it’s been decreasing each day. Since it’s a low-grade fever it hasn’t been to scary for me but it has been a couple of days. There might be a call to the pediatrician tomorrow.. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Other then that I am debating between Christmas cards and reading right now .. maybe a little of both?

Love Always,


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