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Day 2 – Staying strong :)

15 Nov

Oh doesn’t it feel wonderful to get an amazing complement where everyone you know can see it!! Today I got a comment on my facebook that made me just sit there for a few minutes and smile. I almost wanted to cry (happy tears of course)! It’s an instant mood lifter even if you weren’t in a bad mood.  This compliment isn’t the typical “Oh you look great today.” this compliment was from the heart. It’s the kind that takes your breath away. Where you know someone took the time, the thought, the energy to make sure the words were perfect. These are the compliments I try so hard to give to other people around me. One’s that change your life or keep you going exactly in the right direction. These little things go a long way and this one .. oh this compliment is going to be on my heart forever.

So I am sure by now you are wondering what exactly it was and I will let you know. But it may mean nothing to you, or make you wonder why I was so emotional about this one but it doesn’t matter. It means the world to me!! Here it is:

“I love your enthusiasm:) I love that you are happy where you are in your life and enjoying the people in your life:) It’s a gift to realize this when you are young.” – SWD

It’s been a while since I have gotten a compliment quite like this one.. and I don’t care if it’s the last one I LOVE IT! Because to me this wasn’t a compliment from my best friend, my husband, or a family member. This person has been a part of my life since day one. She has guided me, supported me, and held my hand even though I didn’t know it. She is my mother’s best friend. When we moved the summer after my senior year of highschool I didn’t expect for these people to be a part of my life. Not that I didn’t want them to be in it, it’s just that when people move away it’s not the same. People change, they grow up, the move on, and life goes on. This person found her way back into my life and I am SO THANKFUL! I saw this woman every sunday of my life and although I didn’t have a one on one relationship with her she was magical. She had a way of always putting a smile on my mother’s face no matter what the situation was. She was creative and kind. She cared. That’s a rare quality to find these days and I am lucky to have her.

So this is a personal thank you SWD. You are always there when my family needs you the most and I will never forget that.

Love Always,


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