Day 3 – Keeping it Crafty ;)

16 Nov

This is what I did today!

I bought some thicker wire to make the names stand out more than the last time. I absolutely love it! I thought since it was going to be thicker it would be harder to bend but it worked out quite well and they come in all different colors. This was way too much fun and it only takes a minute to do a name. I am still working on certain letters that are leaving me stumped..

These are the things I bought yesterday.

Yay more stamping things!! Good things will come of these later 😉

I am going to make mini puffs out of these for the Christmas gifts 😛 Oh crafting is so much fun!! The thing that I have probably figured out the most is when you really love doing something even if it takes hours it doesn’t feel like it. I can be sitting in my chair working on something while B plays video games or watches TV and the next time I look up it’s been 30 minutes and I feel like it’s been five! You get so lost in what you are doing that you really enjoy it and take it all in .. unlike chores that make the clock seem like it’s going sooo sloooowwww. Haha.

If you are keeping up with book reviews I am almost done with Little Earthquakes  by Jennifer Weiner. It started to pick up in the middle and before I knew it I was only 100 pages from being done! So I’ll be doing a final review on that in the next couple of days depending on how much reading time I get this week.

Did anyone watch the Steelers game Sunday night? Oooh so depressing but Wallace got me a ton of points on Fantasy football! He picked up well considering we lost Ward. Did you hear that they let Reed the kicker go?? I had him on my team too but not anymore! I was actually surprised about that one because even though he messed up a pretty easy goal he didn’t seem to be doing that bad. Well during all those commercial breaks for time outs, injuries, and craziness I got a lot of crocheting done. If I get another night like that I’ll have two sleeves in no time! Maybe I’ll start working on that now..

Hope you enjoy!

Love Always,


One Response to “Day 3 – Keeping it Crafty ;)”

  1. CraftyStaci November 19, 2010 at 11:39 pm #

    Thanks for the visit! I absolutely love the wire names…those would make adorable holiday ornaments!

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