Catching Up!

20 Nov

Yes that’s right I have been a little bit behind this past week. After E was sick/teething my body decided to give out for a couple of days too. I had a little virus and stayed on the couch for a little while. Thankfully Nana agreed to babysit E so I didn’t get her sick and so I could get better faster! This resulted in me sleeping, showering, sleeping, watching tv, lounging, eating, sleeping, reading, and a little more sleeping! But I am feeling much better. So not only did Nana babysit but she brought over food! And not just any food, oh no, she brought the famous holiday family special goulash and let me just tell you that happens to be my FAVORITE holiday meal EVER. AND she made my favorite cookies haha. I am spoiled. I happily devoured it and went back to being lazy 🙂

YUMMY!! And if you want this recipe .. I hate to break it to you but I don’t even know it! One day I will … but I highly doubt I’ll be putting it on this blog. I think I am going to be keeping this one a Family Recipe.

These babies? You can find these at your local grocery store 😛 But I am sucker for these things! When I was pregnant with E and we moved here, every time we went over to Nana’s she would have this and I would devour them. She still makes them for me all the time and I think I will love these things until I die.

So since I did a lot of concentrating on getting better this week, I made up for a little of it today (key word little). Enjoy!

Christmas Puffs!!!!! I seriously never get sick of making these things. They are budget friendly and pretty dang cool looking once you get the hang of making them. I plan on using these to tie around my goodie bags and use as bows for presents. SUPER FUN!

The leftover scraps from the puffs that I thought would look really cool stuffed into a clear ornament? Maybe? That attempt might happen this week!

Stamping and Signing the flips ide of my Christmas Cards and the blank space is going to be the family picture 🙂

Cut up the paper and getting stuff ready to make fun Thank You cards for Christmas. More on this later!

And say hello to the second sleeve!!! Still a work in progress but hey look how far I have gotten!!

So I have managed to dabble in a little bit today and hopefully this week will offer a lot more! Oh and since I finally finished my book I am on to the next one on my list.

Excited to get this book started!

Love Always,


One Response to “Catching Up!”

  1. Mary Ann November 20, 2010 at 10:44 pm #

    I LIKE the idea of putting those paper scraps into glass Christmas balls. That would be really neat. Also, the paper flowers could be stuck in the branches of the Christmas tree. You know, just stick one here and there. I really like them, they turned out to be pretty little flowers! Good Job! I’ll have to start calling you mini Martha (Stewart)!! HAHA!!!

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