Monday Moving Madness!!

22 Nov

Is anybody else as crazy as I am when it comes to rearranging furniture? It’s something that I do every couple of weeks/months just to make the room “new” and see if I can find extra space for extra things or just clear some stuff out the room. This is something that I am almost positive drives my husband insane but sometimes it turns out great! Hey at least I am not buying new furniture we can’t afford constantly 😉 So that is precisely what I did this morning. I took our love seat out of the storage today and made it work in the living room (which is seriously small) but we have been lacking seating area and now that E is a couch hog this gives me more room for her to hog 😛

Instead of this wide open wall space with toys for E that we had I made a little corner nook for her to play in and used the rest of the wall for couch space and she seems to like it! She went back into her little nook and played for a little while and seemed pretty happy! Although it doesn’t take much to please this child.

So now that I have successfully wasted my morning moving furniture I am leaving the rest of the day up for grabs!! Who knows what I’ll get done today but I do know that Monday’s are going to be my new whatever days. It’s going to be completely spontaneous and a lot less I have to get this done. Everybody should deserve a relaxing Monday!

Love Always,


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