Dream on Dreamer!

26 Nov

There’s some things that you should never take for granted, yet we all do on a daily basis. It’s the little things in life that make it worth living, yet all we look at is the big picture that really is out of reach. We daydream of better things, cross our fingers and hope for the best, and really we should be looking in. I am just as guilty as everyone else in this world.

My daydream life? Stay at home mom, living near a beach where the weather stays warm all year round, making crafts for a living or maybe just for fun, having another child or maybe more than two, my husband being able to work from home doing whatever it is his heart desires, my best friends living right around the corner .. or better yet right next door, and enjoying each day for what it has to offer. Is it going to happen? Lets get real here..

Out of all these things, two to three of them seem possible but the rest are probably out of reach. So why do we dwell on all these little things that are probably going to lead to disappointment when we could center are life around the things that are more reasonable?

Because we can. Because someone somewhere made it happen and maybe just maybe you can to. I love daydreaming. I love picturing my life a few years down the road. I love imagining what our house would look like, who we would meet, what E will be like when she gets older. It’s fun for me and you may think I am wasting my time or setting myself up for failure but one of these dreams, one of these things, maybe even two will come true. Because I can make it happen. Because I believed.

The difference between believing in your dreams and living in a dream is what makes this post what it is. As much as I love daydreaming about the future, I still live in the now. I make reasonable choices and decisions that could possibly lead to dreams but more importantly I put the dreams aside when B or E need me because that is what’s important and taking them for granted for a dream would ruin me.

So dream on dreamers but keep in mind your going to look back at these days and remember and love the little moments that made your life what it is and not your millions of daydreams 😉 Just those few awesome ones you never forget!

Love Always,


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