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A Book Challenge for the Challenged Reader :P

30 Nov

My sister sent me this email about a book challenge for 2011 and I got pretty excited! I love reading books, however it takes me a while to read one due to my “easily distracted disease” haha. This one sounded fun because you get to pick the books you want to read yourself! There isn’t a premade list of books that you probably won’t like the majority of! The only regulation is that you read at least one book from each of the 50 states of America! I can do that! Plus it starts after the holidays 🙂 So you get a whole month to relax before you jump in.

I have added a link on my blogroll —> over there —> called the 2011 book challenge and it’s a google map. Everytime I finish a book that represents one of the states I will add the cover to the map along with writing a book review on my blog. Totally fun!

If you are interested in doing it yourself here is the link:

Tonight I plan on starting to make a list of books I am interested in that will fit in this challenge. Until then I still have two more books to accomplish and review.

If you are an avid book reader and love to read book reviews I seriously suggest checking out her blog. It’s Kritters Ramblings – also over there —> on my blogroll. She reads books a million times faster than me and has an awesome list of reviews. She also has awesome taste in books!!!!

This should be fun!

Love Always,



This time of year again!

30 Nov

 It’s that time of year again when we are planning holiday festivites and spending a lot of time with the family. Holiday season for me now is no where near what it was like when I was a child. I didn’t do any shopping, wrapping, spending money, worrying about bills, or figuring out travel plans. I simply jumped up and down with excitement for Christmas morning, watched a zillion of holiday movies and tv shows, listened to Christmas music, and ate a lot of yummy baked goods. The only Christmas card I made was to Santa Claus. The good old days..

This year I have decided to do things a little differently! B and I did a majority of our Christmas shopping Black Friday and the day after and the rest I plan on purchasing online. I have made a list of who is getting what and from where and only spending a certain amount each paycheck so I don’t overdue it and the bills still get paid. Luckily now that we live near almost all of our family travel plans have been cut down to an hour to two hours distance and that is a lot easier to do then a 6-12 hour car ride!!

So this year I plan on jumping up and down for Christmas morning to come, watching a zillion of holiday movies and tv shows, listening to Christmas music, and eating yummy baked goods. Okay okay and a little Christmas wrapping too 🙂

Love Always,


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