Between Friends by Kristy Kiernan

4 Dec

 Between Friends by Kristy Kiernan was an amazing book from the start. This is a novel about two girls who grew up together and were best friends. They were nothing alike in a million different ways but they had one thing in common, a daughter. Ali wanted to be a mother from day one and Cora hadn’t planned on ever having children but Ali was struggling. She wasn’t able to have any children and Cora stepped up to the plate.  Ali was given the chance to have what she always wanted thanks to Cora’s eggs and invetro.

Later on Cora realized that what she had done for Ali might have been a terrible thing instead of a miracle. She was keeping a secret from Ali and it was tearing her apart. Meanwhile Ali was wanting to use the frozen embryos to try to have another child and Cora was determined to stop her.

This book is about friendship, motherhood, parenting, and the love between a family that can’t be broken. Kristy Kiernan takes you into the life of what is now a popular trend for contemporary women who are struggling to have the family they always dreamed of having.

I give this book 5 stars! It was an easy read and it kept my attention the whole way through. Although this book is similar to the last book I read, Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner, in that the chapters are separated by who it is about it was much easier to remember who you were reading about. I am not sure if it’s because there are three people instead of four or if it’s that Kristy Kiernan found a way to make you remember things about each one that made it easier to follow but this book had whatever it is that Jennifer Weiner was missing.

Barnes and Nobles description:

A provocative new novel about birth, death, and the stuff in between, from the award-winning author of Catching Genius. Thanks to modern reproductive technology-and the gift of her friend Cora’s eggs-Ali Gutierrez is the mother of a fourteen-year-old daughter. Now, yearning for a second child, Ali asks Cora’s permission to use another of the frozen embryos that have been stored away in anticipation of this decision. But Cora has a secret that could not only change Ali’s plans for the future, but tear apart her life right now.

I would pass this book on to all of my friends whether they are mothers are not. This one gets your attention and takes you back to when you were a teenager. Although if you are a  mother this might change your perspective on how you want to raise your daughter.

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One Response to “Between Friends by Kristy Kiernan”

  1. newm0mmy December 4, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    Sounds like a great book, i so far have a long list of books i need to read now if only if i had the time!

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