Today is Sunday!?

5 Dec

Gosh my mental schedule is completely off these days! I feel like today is Monday but it is definitely not. It was a nice reminder when I woke up next to B still cuddling with me and it was 9:30! Sometimes I wish he didn’t have to go in so early so we could have some time together in the morning but I know that would only end up in him coming home later and I wouldn’t like that either.

On another note I am seriously excited about my possibilities for today! I have so many things that I could do and nothing that I have to do (besides laundry and taking care of E but that’s easy enough). I finished the book I was reading so I could start my next book! I don’t know about you but opening a new book is always exciting for me. You never know when a book could be a life changing moment for you, make you laugh so hard you might pee in your pants, or just a good read. Sometimes I hope for all three at one time but that’s just me! It’s like stepping foot into a completely different life and I absolutely love it!

Along with that I have a couple of projects I am excited about starting and if all goes well finishing šŸ˜‰ Plus there’s always crocheting needing to be done but what makes it all so much fun is that none of it has to get done. I could literally sit all day long and not feel guilty about it! I love these days..

Isn’t it amazing that when you don’t have to do anything, those are the days you tend to get a million things done and when you need to get a million things done, you can barely accomplish one! That’s the story of my life.

So keep your eyes open because I just might be surprising you with some fun blog entries today šŸ™‚

Love Always,


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