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Hooray Hooray!

9 Dec

Since becoming pregnant, I guess you could say I have been completely out of the fashion trend. Between constantly changing sizes in clothes and being so absorbed with this new little life I have lost my sense of fashion .. if I ever had one to begin with! At least I used to feel comfortable in clothes. Now I just want to be comfy! Well as you know B and I are going to a wedding and I have been frantically online shopping what I am supposed to wear. I googled everything possible and was having no luck. The stores I usually love (Khols¬†and Target) were offering me nothing but casual with a little bit of awesome but nowhere near wedding…

Well I did it! B and I reluctantly went to the mall after Khols and Marshalls to see if we could get any luck there. It only took a couple of stores then I found the one!

Heck yes!!! All I need now is a jacket, stockings, and some awesome shoes … and we leave tomorrow afternoon!! Looks like I will be shopping and digging through my mom’s closet tomorrow ūüėČ

The second best thing about today is that B and I have never gone shopping together where I try on things and he tells me what he likes. Okay maybe we did once while we were dating but he had to be nice then right? Well he was amazing. Not only did he help me decide what was hott and what was not, he was honest and helped me pick stuff out. Love this guy!!!!!!!!! He spoils me with his amazingness!

E decided to be complete awesome as well! She blew kisses and gave big smiles to everyone who couldn’t stop loving her. She sat patiently and people watched ūüôā She even ate her WHOLE meal! I love this little girl!


Today was successful and thank you American Eagle for having the perfect dress.

Love Always,



Just a fair warning

9 Dec

This weekend I will be out-of-town¬†.. with limited internet and picture-taking¬†possibilities!! So my blog may take second place just for the weekend! Okay okay, maybe for the next month too. I am really trying to make this stay at home mom thing work in my favor so B and I are giving me 57 days + 4 hours a day = 228 hours to make it work! This is going to be my time to shine or my time to realize I need a part-time¬†job and I have decided that even if I do end up getting a part-time¬†job, I am going to be spending the rest of the year making magic happen so this time next year my etsy¬†shop will be loaded with fun things!! I’m not sure how other people have managed to make a million things for their etsy shop and keep them on hand for purchasing but I think I am going to have to bust out some serious crocheting time to make it work. This is going to be do¬†or die! The other thing I am curious about is I realize that selling stuff on etsy¬†isn’t a bi-weekly income. It’s a kind of you get paid when you get paid deal but if you make enough stuff does it end up working out that someone will at least buy¬†SOMETHING you make so you can almost count on it? I am guessing no but hoping someone will say yes.

Enough talking! I have got to get to work!

Love Always,


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