Loving these memories

12 Dec

Between the memories of how B and I met and fell in love, the friends who were there through it all, the places we spent so much time together, the wedding, and the night of the wedding, it was truly an amazing weekend. We spent the first night in our old stomping grounds and checked out all the things that they had changed while we were gone. It’s fun to see all the new additions they’ve made but it really makes you miss the time that you spent there. I am not sure that if we had stayed there we would be doing as well as we are now but you always wonder what it would be like.

So I bet you’re wondering how much crocheting I got done with all this fun I was having. Guilty as charged! I hadn’t planned on not being able to see to even crochet the on the way there so that cut out about 3 hours of serious working time and then we didn’t have much down time all weekend so that resulted in only have the trip back here! Luckily I finished one sleeve, deconstructed the other so I can remake it how it’s supposed to look. I am about two out of seven rows done and I am hoping between grocery shopping tomorrow and working on getting E back on schedule that I can at least get halfway done. That leaves me with 52 days left to get all my projects done! I still think I can do it 😉

I probably should be crocheting right now and then maybe I would finish it tomorrow but instead I am laying here next to B relaxing and enjoying his and E’s company. Right now he is holding E in his arms while picking out music on his Playstation and she is playing with his cell phone and acting like she is talking to someone 🙂 It’s moments like these that I love the most!

Well somebody is starting to rub her little eyes. Looks like it’s Mommys time to make her a bottle and put her in bed.

Love Always,


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