Almost There!

14 Dec

Since B and I have set a date I have seriously been pumping this crocheting out! I am so close! After taking it apart a zillion times a redoing it, I have finally gotten to a point where it seriously looks like a sweater!!!!!!!

I have the shoulders, hood, and trimming to do and of course touching up all the loose ends! I am so proud of myself! It’s obviously not perfect because it’s my first time ever crocheting but I love the way it’s turning out! YAY ME! Part of the sad news is that it fits E “perfectly” as in she isn’t going to be able to wear it when I finish .. so I have decided to give it away to an old friend who has a daughter a little younger than E. If she doesn’t want it then I might just sell it on etsy but I wanted to give her first dibs!

Ohhh it feels good to have it so close to being accomplished. I have a feeling i’ll be making another one the second I am done with this one though! It’s just too addicting! 🙂 So for all of you etsy followers out there, keep an eye out! Crocheting might just be my thing!

Love Always,


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