Something old into Something New

9 Jan

I promised myself after having dinner with B last night that I would spend today crafting 🙂 and that’s just what I did!! I started around 10:00 a.m. with a few diaper changing stops, a lunch break, and little (E) interruptions 😛 and ended around 6:00. Even though it’s not completely finished, it’s at least a shirt!!! So stay tuned for some updates because this is going to be a fun one!

I took an old T-shirt

Deconstructed it

Ironed it

Cut out the pattern

Cut out the fabric with the pattern

Biased the tops (which I will never do again .. Bias and I don’t get along :P)

Sewed the front and back together

Sewed the sleeves on

Then finished the sides 🙂 and put it on E for fun! I know it’s two sizes to big but she’ll grow into it eventually! I plan on using my cool new sewing machine to sew in designs and patters and using my new cricut cutter to make a monogram for it! Exciting!!

Love Always,


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