Super Fun & Super Excited

16 Jan

This weekend has been seriously busy! B and I had dinner at Red Lobster and to the movies to see The Dilemma Friday night. We had a gift card to Red Lobster so our tab was $0.57 yeah that was awesome!! Then we had two free tickets to the movies so that was completely free!!!! Super saving Friday!

Then Saturday we relaxed all morning and went out to Not Your Average Joe’s restaurant for Nana’s birthday celebration! That was so much fun!! E was flirting with three boys at the table across from us and B was trying to distract her the whole time. Lets me just point it out to you that B has been saying that she’s not going to date until she’s forty and the only guy that she will ever love is him… so you can imagine his horror of her flirting with other boys 😀 Then of course she played with Papa and Dodo in the booth seats. It is so much fun to watch her now that she is so independent and full of personality. Then after that we went with J&S to an apartment party with the Tech crew 🙂 That was a blast!! B and I haven’t been out to a party since before E was born! It was soo much fun getting out of the house and talking to adults instead of speaking baby language all day 😛 B was so excited, we went to a wine store before the apartment and he found Santana DVX. If any of you have heard of Lonely Island, you know what I am talking about! He’s still raving about it today haha.

Then today! My bestie from college and her boyfriend came to visit. They are the most relaxed, fun, easy-going people ever! I love them to death. I met her on orientation day for college and we hit it off right away. Then when school actually started she the person that I got the closest too. It’s like I had known her all my life and the more time we spent together the closer we got. Out of all the friends that have come in and out of my life there’s only about 3 that I would say have been above and beyond the most amazing friends ever and she is definitely one of them!

So as you can imagine, our weekend was super packed with things to do but at the same time it was relaxing and a whole lot of fun!

Which leads me to this week:

So since I have been completely slacking in my list of things to do and craftiness I have decided to dedicate this week to getting things accomplished! A few projects that I have planned up my sleeve 😉

A t-shirt for E with obviously the letter E on it, and decorative flowers on the bottom corner.

A t-shirt for my Cousins little boy with a theme on the front and the letters of his name on the back.

I still need to make the window seat cover and curtains for the living room but I haven’t really had the money to buy the fabric so that might be something I can do next week.

Then I am going to continue crocheting T’s blanket (LOVE HER SO MUCH!!) I am on skane number 4 out of 8 so halfway there and I still have two more weeks to get to skane number 7! Originally I was going to be happy if I got to number 5 but apparently I have been busting through these skanes like it’s nothing so I am going to try to get to seven by the end of the month!

Then E’s jacket .. oh I still haven’t had the guts to take it apart yet .. maybe next week.

Thank you cards are a must! I don’t know why I keep forgetting these suckers but when I think of what I need to get done it’s usually the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and I completely forget about those cards! I think I am going to take them out of the box and put them on the table so I see it and it annoys me until I do them 😉

Tomorrow my Mom, E, and my Cousins little boy are going to go fabric shopping for the t-shirts so I can get started on that this week 🙂 I am hoping it’s a quick easy find because going with two toddlers to a crafty store seems a little dangerous to me!! haha.

I’ll keep you updated with pictures this weekend as I go!

Love Always,


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