Deceptively Delicious!

17 Jan

What a completely successful day! How I managed to make it fabric shopping AND get all my things done on my list! I have no idea. On top of all that we are going bottle free in this house! Hoorayy!! We have been working with E on drinking milk out of a sippy cup instead of a bottle but she hasn’t been able to go to bed without one. Today we took a nap without a bottle. It was thirty minutes shorter but I will take it!! We are almost pacifier free too, but I haven’t really been pushing that. E hasn’t seemed to be attached to it except for bedtime and I am okay with that!

This year is just full of surprises and I am loving it! Tonight I am going to cross my fingers that I either make some cards with my cricut or sew a new shirt for E. Both of them I am super excited about and I just can’t wait to get it started but right now I am taking a breather! I am a little exhausted from all the hard work today so hopefully after dinner I get second wind.

Another exciting thing is my cousin just gave me this awesome cookbook! Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfield:

Our family has been more of the Paula Deen kind of cooks, we like comfort food, butter, cheese, grease, we love it all!!! But B and I have been wanting to eat better. I realize that this book is for kids but let me just list off a few of the things that B won’t eat. Fruits, Vegetables, Onions, chunky tomatoes (it has to be tomato sauce and it can’t be Ragu or Prego or anything close to that), Beans, and a few other things. So I think this book might be necessary! This will also help E get all the food groups she needs without the hassle. When I try a few things I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

I will also keep you updated on what I get done tonight! But for now until dinner time, I will be relaxing and crocheting 😀

Love Always,


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