Cricut Design Studio Round 2!

19 Jan

Okay so I finally got ahold of someone and the reset the serial number and it’s now registered under my name! Hoorayy! Then I went to get it all ready and started designing and realized that the USB cord was connecting to my Cricut Cutter.. geez laweez. So since this thing was registered in 2007 it had some updating to do. I spent the rest of the night doing updates only to find out that I can design with all the cartridges but I can’t cut anything out unless I actually own the cartridge. The description on the website did not say that and it totally led me to believe that I wouldn’t need to purchase any of the cartridges!!! So here I am, not showing you any pictures, no new designs and fun things cut out, because I need to save up the money to buy the cartridges 😦

Luckily two of my friends back home have Cricut cutters and one of them has design studio, so I am getting tips and tricks to help! So maybe in the next few months I’ll have things to show? .. Total bummer I know..

So I think I am going to stick to sewing for the next couple of weeks because I have everything known to man to make whatever project I want!

Let’s just hope everything else goes well today so I can actually accomplish something!

Love Always,


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