Deceptively Accomplished

20 Jan

Wow. I can’t believe I actually got it all done! Today was my grocery store run and start of deceptively delicious trial and let me just say I am exhausted!! I spent less than I thought I was going to (Thank Goodness!) and it took me about 2-3 hours to get everything ready to try out these new meals! If this becomes a habit I think it’ll take me about an hour like Jessica says, but since I am new to everything it took a little longer, and I had a little “help” to keep me distracted 🙂

Mommy’s little helper

I hid the puree’s in the back bottom shelf so B wouldn’t see them 🙂

Our seriously stocked refrigerator!

And super stocked cabinet!!

I am really tempted to see if we can live off all this food and NOT have to go to the grocery store for four weeks (except for milk I can only get away with two weeks on that one). That would be AWESOME!!!

Tonight I am making chicken cacchetori, which is not on the deceptively delicious list and I won’t be deceiving anyone. It’s just really easy to make and after a long day of cutting, steaming, baking, and blending, easy sounds fantastic.

I also plan to do Absolutely Nothing else except for crocheting (and playing with E) if I can get away with it. T’s blanket is getting pretty far! I am halfway through the fourth skane and originally didn’t think I would make it to the fifth by the end of the month! Looks like I will be making it after all 😉

Getting excited about the bottom part of the blanket. That’s where the fun is going to come in 🙂

Love Always,


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