Five Guys & Banana Bread

21 Jan

 Yeah I didn’t cook dinner tonight. As soon as I finished typing my last post B got out of the shower and suggested that he go pick up Five Guys for dinner. How could you refuse!!? Plus he said he had been craving it for the past week. So no cooking for me, instead a yummy, greasy replacement 🙂

And I know what you really wanted to see! The finished Banana Bread!! But before I could get a picture of the whole loaf, my parents stole half of it and B and I keep eating it 🙂 I guess you could say this recipe is AMAZING! Because it’s going to be gone before tomorrow comes! Way to go Jessica Seinfeld, you are a Deceptively Delicious Genius!

BY the way I was going a little research and she has made another cookbook that came out in October called Double Delicious for beginners. I am a total beginner!!! I think that book will be on my “to be purchased list” asap!

The rest of tonight is looking relaxing and worry free 🙂 I plan on crocheting and keeping it calm. Tomorrow I am having girls day with my mom and B’s mom while the boys go watch Green Hornet. Should be lots of fun, and I think I am going to make lasagna tomorrow.

Love Always,


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