Zombie Killer, Yes I am!

26 Jan

What a crazy day turned pretty good! This morning E and I woke up late, I gave her a bath and fed her breakfast in the tub 🙂 She is spoiled, yes I know. Then we got ready, went to lunch with Nana & Oma and to her doctor’s appointment. As usual the pediatrician said she is doing amazing but said she could use a little more help with words so we are going to work on vocabulary these next few weeks to see if we get anywhere. They also took her iron level and she is perfect in that area.

After all that E and I needed a serious nap time! While she napped I decided to be lazy. It wasn’t until B came home that I realized that I have done absolutely nothing today so I grabbed some hot chocolate and snacks and immediately felt so much better. I got off my lazy butt made some dinner and played Zombies 😛 Yes that’s right, you read it right! I played Call of Duty Zombie’s and I didn’t do so bad!! I am a proud wife of a video gamer and usually leave the gaming to him but since he was doing some of the cooking he needed me to take over so he didn’t die. Not only did I not die, but I killed zombies, and got him points!! I realize to probably all of you that it isn’t that cool but to me, it’s AWESOME!

So tonight? I am writing this post, while E is sitting next to me playing on her computer (on the teaching words section) and B is talking smack to his friends and playing Zombies. I know it doesn’t seem much different then any other night but I am throughly enjoying myself and how amazing my family is right now 😀

Did I mention it’s snowing inches and pounds of snow like crazy? Crossing my fingers B gets off tomorrow so we can all go out and play in the snow together! (You better bet I’ll have pictures tomorrow)

Love Always,


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