Keeping it Clean ;)

30 Jan

I am so proud of myself!! I have successfully managed to enjoy my weekend while getting things accomplished! I have spent some serious quality time with my husband, cooked & cleaned, did some laundry, and crocheted like a mad women!

Last night B and I watched Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. B warned me that this movie was up for “the worst movie” awards and we watched it knowing it wasn’t going to be one of our top favorites. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler is easy to stare at for a couple of hours 😉 This movie wasn’t my top favorite but it was cute and funny! It didn’t deserve to be up for the worst movie ever but it also wasn’t a to die for one. I would watch it again, and probably again. Just because I love Jennifer and Gerard that much 😀

This movie wasn’t as easy to crochet during though! Probably because I wasn’t rolling my eyes through the whole move like The Watchmen haha, but I am excited to say that I am on the final two skanes of T’s blanket! This is going to be the hard, but most interesting part of the blanket. T’s life motto is “Walk By Faith” and she has it tattooed along her foot. So I thought it would be fun to add that onto the blanket along with some cute footprints 🙂 We’ll see how it turns out! E is down for her nap so this is going to be the ultimate time to get it done.

This morning I spent the entire morning in the kitchen (willingly and excited). I made B a bacon egg & cheese sandwich (omelet style in between toast) with some bacon on the side, I made E scrambled eggs & cheese, then since she didn’t eat much of her eggs I made her and I the Deceptively Delicious Pumpkin French Toast. B tried it and instead of taking a bite, he took the whole piece so I had to make me more!! The French Toast and Banana Bread have been a super big hit in this family. I am looking forward to some more of Jessica Seinfeld‘s baking and breakfast recipes! After the lasagna I have been a little iffy about the meals but I’ll buckle down and try them soon.

After all that breakfast making and cleaning, I took a shower and it was lunch time!! Chicken nuggets for E, taco soup for me, and I whipped up a crock pot full of potluck (cheesy) potatoes for dinner tonight. The best part of all this cooking is that the kitchen is spotless right now 😉

So that’s been my amazing successful morning. Obviously I didn’t have anything to post yesterday because it wasn’t that exciting. It consisted of E meltdowns, mommy meltdowns, and daddy having a not so good video game day! Thank goodness today is looking brighter 😛 (It was the french toast I bet haha)

I’ll start posting pictures once the blanket starts showing some letters.

Love Always,


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