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Working Mom: My first day with three little girls

28 Feb

You might be thinking I am absolutely crazy but even though I am curled up in a chair completely exhausted I am ecstatic inside! Sure a few things didn’t go according to plan but hey when you have three girls in three different stages of life it’s bound to happen. P didn’t seem to want to take her afternoon nap today and when I finally put her down E decided it was time for her to get up and play, which was all of 30 minutes after I put her down. So we had a little frumpy girl this afternoon but she’ll get a good nights rest tonight and we can spend the day just her and I tomorrow catching up on sleep and mommy baby time. That’s the other amazing thing about my new job is that I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday so I always get a day in between to make sure E gets the attention she needs. Today was my first day with S. She came over at 12:30 and was a complete doll! She showed me all her toys, and kept me busy playing games and watching her doodle (and picking up after her) but it’s nice to see what E will be like in a year or two. Let’s just say it will be a lot more messy (which I didn’t think it could be), a lot more fun, and a lot more exhausting!

Well here’s to a successful first day with three little girls 🙂

Love Always,


Daily Life: 6 am Suprise!

27 Feb

Waking up at 6:30 a.m. to me usually means horrible, rough, no good, gonna need a nap day. But today was not the case at all! I woke up wide awake and ready to tackle anything in my way! I sat down trying to think of all the things I could do that are quiet enough not to wake up B or E. Then it hit me, it’s impossible to do any budgeting when B and E are around. To me that’s something I need to do in complete silence! So I sat down and planned out how much of each of the bills were going to get paid with our tax money and then figuring out how much was left. Then it hit me!

We are going to have our usual amount of money to go towards bills that we do every paycheck ALONG with the tax money!!! I calculated it all together, calculated the total of our bills and BAM! They were all paid and there was more money left over! I couldn’t stop jumping up and down and dancing and smiling so big! Financial freedom!!!!

B has asked me once we figured out how much tax money we got if he could use half of it to put towards a new car and we both agreed it would be a good idea. With all of the bills paid besides our two monthly payments (that will never go away) we have plenty of money to pay for a car for him! Not only that but the original down payment that I had planned on saving has now almost doubled with all the bills being gone! Ahhh what a relaxing thing.. and on top of all that with my new job, that paycheck is now being split half and half, half for savings, half for PLAYING!

I have never been this excited about bills before 😛 Lets just say that play money is going towards some serious craftiness 😉

Things are just falling into place and making my life amazing!

Once I calmed down and still had to wait for hubby and pipsqueak to wake up I decided crocheting was the next quietest thing to do, so one more scarf done and on the next one! If I keep up with it as much as I have these past couple days I could easily make one a week with still having free time and getting chores and errands done! Who knows maybe by next winter I’ll have enough to make a nice big Christmas check off Etsy and possibly keep from adding anymore bills!


Hope everyone else is having a fantastic weekend too!

Love Always,


Crafts: A True Steelers Fan ;)

26 Feb

So this has been what I have been up to the last couple of days:

Yes of course it’s Steelers colors! I am trying to figure out if I can put a Steelers symbol in it with thread, kind of like a cross-stitch/wrap kind of way but after I made this I went to the store and bought a whole bunch of colors 😛 I am so easily addicted to crafts!

As you can see I am in the middle of working on a bright yellow one!

Then next on my list is a stripped baby blanket for P while she’s at my house.

Plus I have more things to paint 😛 I am looking forward to doing another set of Picture Hooks with a new idea and cross your fingers it turns out as awesome as it is in my head!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: I’m in a commercial!

23 Feb

Today is filming day! I am doing a commercial for my sister’s company and I am super excited about it! It starts at 2:00 and probably won’t be done until 6:00 which is pretty much all day for me!! I’ve packed a few things to keep me busy in between shoots like my crocheting, my nook (the craft book I’m reading), and a paper craft book/magazine to look through for some awesome ideas. I skimmed through it last night and am pretty excited about making a list of some of the things I’ll need to try out these tutorials! Also, not this thursday but next thursday I’ll be finally buying the cartridges that I want for my cricut!! I’ve been waiting so long and I’m finally going to get to buy them!

Well I guess I better go get last-minute things together, I’ll let you know how the shooting goes!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: On Top of the World

22 Feb

Today ROCKS! The house is clean, the laundry is done (not folded and put away but i’ll do that later), dinner is in the crockpot, the kitchen is spotless, the dishwasher has run, and there is not a single miscellaneous toy on the floor. What an awesome feeling it is to be sitting here on the couch looking at a gorgeous place that I barely touched today (which is probably why it’s so clean). After my mom and I ran some errands we stopped at Olive Garden for lunch and I saved enough for leftovers. Then we did some more errands and went to the craft store!! I know, I know, it’s almost impossible for me to not go to the craft store while I am out. It’s just so much fun!! I bought six new colors of yarn to crochet scarfs and instead of paying what would normally cost 50 bucks, I paid 25. Yeah that’s right! Half off baby!!

I also took some pictures so you could see what I’ve been up to:

The pink scarf turned out wider and shorter than I thought but I still love the color and how soft it is!

This one I am in the middle of working on. It’s a skinny black scarf that I am contemplating adding yellow and the Steelers sign on 😛

The new toys I bought for S to play with when she comes over, Play-doh, Crazy 8‘s, and  Toy Story Puzzle

The French Dip Sandwich Recipe at the beginning

Halfway through being cooked!

E playing before we went to Nana’s

E slobbering down the best meal I have ever made! Chicken Alfredo!! It was the most amazing recipe ever, that I came up with on my own! 🙂 So proud of me and that cute little face.

I’d have to say that the most uplifting thing for me this week has been the craft book that I’ve been reading. It’s making me excited about crafting again, it’s giving me ideas, and making me feel like I can do so much with my little budget. It also helps that now that I am working my spending money is going to be increasing which will completely be able to fund all of my crafts upfront and if I don’t sell anything right away it won’t matter. Heck if I don’t sell anything it won’t matter at all! I finally feel like I’m not wasting money anymore, I’m finally feeling like I am investing in my future 😀

Things are getting better and better and I don’t want this feeling to ever go away. I’m on top of the world!

Love Always,


Daily Life: French Dipping It

22 Feb

Last night was AMAZING. It was exactly what I needed, when B got home I took a quick nap, woke up to him cooking dinner, finished the laundry (hoorayy!!), and crocheted while watching The Bachelor. I love crocheting when I am watching a movie or TV. I fly right through it without even knowing! So my latest project is s close to be done 😛

Then at 1:25 a.m. my cute little love bug decided that she was done sleeping and it was time to wake up and play!! So I gave her another bottle, hushed her back to sleep, and an hour later jumped in bed and passed out instantly! This morning I am still laying in bed while I am typing this! Although I am not really feeling like I missed a lot of sleep, I just feel really lazy. E hasn’t made a sound so I am assuming she’s making up for that lovely hour.

Today is run errands day! Aka accomplish something day! E gets to go over to Nana’s house and spend the day with her and Dodo!! She’ll be smiling ear to ear when I drop her off and when I pick her up. There is no doubt in my mind that she LOVES Nana’s house.

That will give me and my mom most of the day to run our errands and spend some quality time before I start watching the girls and become MIA. I’m excited about spending the day with her. It’s seems like everything I am worried about or anything that seems unclear just opens up and somehow she puts sense back into my life. I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone else but me.. but it does!

Hmmm! While I am thinking about it I should probably try a new crockpot recipe!! Sounds like a plan to me 🙂 Stay tuned for a crockpot recipe I stole from one of the blogs I follow on a daily basis – French Dip sandwiches by

Hope everyone else has a great day,

Love Always,


Daily Life: My Milk-aholic!

21 Feb

Today was the perfect trial day. E and I are sitting her new while she chugs milk out of her sippy cup just relaxing. P came over for a few hours today to do a trial run and lets just say it went very well! She is the happiest baby! I thought E was easygoing and easy to please but P is even easier. She had a bottle, some oatmeal and apples, played for a little while, then went right down for a nap! Her mom was worried that the napping part might not go so well but she had no trouble at all. I start friday all day with P and I cannot wait! I think E is excited for her to come over too. E did so well with her, she gave her a hug, handed her toys, and left her alone after she realized that P doesn’t really play like she does. Most people would think handling a 6 month old and an 18 month old a little tricky but the way that E plays independently it really was a piece of cake!

Obviously last night I didn’t post any pictures of the latest things. I guess I got distracted with cleaning and getting the place ready, then at 9:30 I felt like a zombie and went straight to bed! Honestly, I should probably go to bed that early every night because it makes waking up at 7:00 a lot easier but I really enjoy all the time I can get with just me & B that I usually stay up later 😉

This week is going to be a busy one for me! Tuesday I have doctors appointments and running a few errands, then Wednesday I am doing a commercial for my sister’s company. Thursday I have off!! It will be a day of relaxation 🙂 Hopefully then I can do some painting and crafting and have some fun things to show you. I have this awesome ribbon that I found that’s soooo soft and I want to make it into a “headband” with a little bow on it for E. She’s not quite at the stage of wearing clipped on bows. She needs a little bit more hair for that but this headband idea I couldn’t let go! I’m crossing my fingers I get some time to do that on Thursday.

Well I’m off to figure out what to do for dinner and tell B how my day went.

Love Always,


Daily Life: MIA

20 Feb

It’s true, I haven’t written in a few days. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to. After signing in about three times a day, checking out what everyone else was writing about, and attempting to type a few blogs I realized everything that I had to say was boring. I would read a paragraph that I wrote and say, “Who the heck would read this?” .. obviously if I can’t stand reading it, then no one else can!

So today is my attempt to finally write something you want to read and if I completely fail I’ll apologize in advanced!

I heard back from the mom about babysitting and I am assuming from what she wrote that it’s still on. I’ll have the 6 month old who I will refer to as P from now on Monday for a few hours and then on Friday I will start the regular schedule. I’ll have P Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-5 and S the 4-year-old Monday 12-5 and possibly the same time Wednesday and Friday if they need me on a whim. For preparation I went and bought a few more things for S to do. A harder puzzle because the one that I originally got was a little too easy, Crazy 8‘s card set, and PLAY-DOH! I don’t care what age you are play-doh is fun! So not this Monday but next monday expect some awesome play-doh pictures creation pictures 😀

I haven’t really done much painting or crafting besides crocheting (I can do that in my sleep), I’ve done a little reading of the craft book that I posted about earlier, and B and I have been watching the Toy Story movies – which we both absolutely love!! I guess I’ve been in kind of weird mood. Not bad, not good, just not all here. Hopefully I snap out of it soon because I miss energetic easily excited me!

The rest of today is going to be just as boring as the past few days have been, I’ll be cleaning up and getting all the stuff out and ready for P to come and something easy for dinner unless B wants to cook 😉 and do laundry.. never-ending laundry!! I think I need to go through our clothes and get rid of half of them so the loads get smaller!

After I get this place cleaned up and a little bit of free time I’ll take pictures of all the stuff I have crochet in the past few days and some of the crafting soon to come!

Love Always,


Daily Life: An unexpected note

17 Feb

I love Facebook and I am on it almost constantly thanks to my blackberry phone but today I got on and read this application that I downloaded. It’s a daily “note from God“. Not exactly words taken from the bible but things that are uplifting and pertain to living a healthy life. So anyways, it said this:

It’s not about how much you have, how much you know, or how much you do. It’s about how well you love. Love is what matters most.

I think I have been trying SO hard for this family to know how much experience I have, how much I love working with children, all the great ideas and crafts I can plan, and showing them that I can do this. I know that I am good at it, I know that I am knowledgable about it, I know have all the right things to do the job, but the one thing that I have known throughout this entire thing is that I LOVE taking care of children. So when I first read this I thought, well I included how much I love it so that’s good.

Now I am taking a second look at it and I am thinking it’s not about how much I have, know, or do and it’s not about how much I love. It’s about whether they love me or not.

The playdate went well and she is going to bring one of the girls over for a couple of hours to do a trial on Monday. I know that she likes me, I know that she approves of my house, my child, and all the things I have. I am pretty sure she knows how capable I am of doing it. But I also know that she doesn’t want to go back to work, she wants to stay home with her children, she doesn’t want to drop her kids off at someone elses house and feel like she is being a bad mother because she isn’t the one that’s going to be there. I had these feelings when I was working and leaving E home with my parents and B’s parents. I also know how difficult it would be for me to leave E with someone who wasn’t family.. so this decision has really nothing to do with me and my experience and knowledge. It’s about this mom’s feelings. It’s about her trusting herself to make the right decision and not regret not being there to watch her children grow.

Every mom goes through this at some point when their kids go away to school. Some choose to home school because the thought of letting someone else be there and you not is just too much for them.

So I am sitting back trying to relax and not get my hopes up and not assume that it’s not going to happen because it’s not my decision. It’s hers.

I want this job more than anything, but I want her to be happy with me, my family, my home, my knowledge, my stuff, and most importantly my love.

So I am going to stop hoping, wishing, dreaming, worrying, stressing! I am going to enjoy the rest of the weekend and know in the back of my mind that she’ll make the right decision for her.

Love Always,


Daily Life: I’m exhausted.

15 Feb

As worn out as I have been this past weekend and this week I am shocked it’s been a pretty darn good one! I spent all last week cleaning the house and getting it ready for the girls, painted and made some unsuccessful frames – which was a total bummer, then pulled out all my old toys and cleaned them for the girls this week, I have actually managed to squeeze in some things I love!

B and I have been watching movies again. Last night we watched I Love You, Man which I would say is completely hilarious and certain parts of it define B and I. Not exactly the him not having any friends, but moving to a place where we knew no one our age made for some similarities. It probably is one of the funniest movies we have watched in a while. Probably not to B but he likes a lot movies that I don’t think are that funny 😉 For example, we watched The Other Guys on Sunday night. B couldn’t stop laughing through the entire movie but only parts of it are funny to me.

While we are watching these movies I have gotten a good amount of crocheting done! So I am back on track with that. I downloaded my new books on my nook and I am going to start reading those tonight, and once I get ink for my printer I will be back on track with my new ideas & painting!

Today was going to be the day that the girls came over but unfortunately one of them is sick so we rescheduled so I am trying to think of a few more fun projects and things to do for them but we’ll see what all I get done. Since we rescheduled for my usual errand running days I’ll be running errands tomorrow and getting the house picked up and spotless!

I’m thinking an easy afternoon is in the plans. I will obviously be getting ready for my shopping day tomorrow and trying to do as little as possible!! Dinner looks like leftovers & PB&J’s 😀 Yes I am feeling that lazy!! Maybe just maybe that will give me a pick me up and E will go down for bed easily so I can knock some more things off my list and still have some down time!

I can’t wait to tell you how the playdate goes and of course how adorable these kids are. I’ve already seen a picture so I know they are super cute but seeing their personalities are twice as much fun!

I’ll keep you updated!

Love Always,


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