A month behind!

1 Feb

It’s 8:30 a.m. and E is still asleep! I am crossing my fingers I can get through this blog before she wakes up.

I feel like I have been having some on and off blog days, I either have something I know I am going to write about, or I have nothing at all.. I was checking out the freshly pressed page like I do every day, and noticed a post-a-day that really caught my eye. It’s this thing that started for the new year where they give you a topic or ask you a question so that you have something to write about everyday. I realize that I have missed an entire month but I really think I may want to start it!

I’m not sure if I would do it everyday, mostly on the days I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to write about but who knows!? It might become a habit that just sticks with me 🙂

Love Always,


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