Post-A-Day 2011: Greatest Hero, Greatest Villain & Evil Twins!

2 Feb

My greatest hero of all time? That I cannot say. There are a million of great hero’s in my life and each of them have saved me in a way no other person could. My greatest hero’s are the most important people in my life, there are there for me not only when I am down but also when I am up. They motivate me, love me, and know exactly what to do to make me smile. They know me better than I know myself. Everyone needs more than one hero and I am lucky to have mine 🙂

Who is my greatest villain of all time? Me. I am my worst enemy!! My negative nancy mood is what brings me down the most and treats me and my hero’s the worst! Self doubt is my worst quality but knowing that I am my own worst villain makes it easier to be me. I know exactly what I need to do to fix my broken moods and become the hero I hope to be for everyone else in my life.

Who could play my evil-twin in the made for TV version of my life? Only T could. She’s the only friend I’ve had that’s been there my ENTIRE life. She’s the only person I haven’t fought with (besides that one time 😉 haha stupid boys.) She is the exact same and opposite of me all in one. Same height, same weight, save size, different hair color, different eye color, different skin tone. She’s amazing, genuine, and always there. So she isn’t exactly my evil twin at all. Just the better half of me 😀

Love Always,


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