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Crafts: Picture Frame Hooks 2!

6 Feb

I completed the set of picture frame hooks and I am LOVING how they turned out! I am going back to the craft store today or tomorrow and buying six more 😀 I want to make a set for a boy’s room, a dog collar hook, a key hook, and a monogrammed one thanks to my sister who has brilliant ideas!!

Sorry for the bad picture quality – the lighting in this room is hard to work with!! But besides that I thought they turned out pretty well! Once I get the rest of them done and perfected I will be posting these on etsy. This was way too much fun to do and a lot easier with E than I thought! She seems to like to sit next to me and flip through the pages of her books while I read them too her and paint (yes I have almost all of them memorized.. we like to read in this family).

I also have a few other plans up my sleeve but since today is STEELERS ARE GOING TO WIN the super bowl day 😀 I doubt I’ll be getting done as much as I hope!

Have a great day!

Love Always,


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