Daily Life: Feeling Pretty Dang Proud!

9 Feb

I know that I am all about promoting good mood and finding that one thing that just makes your day so much better. Well this week I haven’t had any hot chocolate or listened to Taylor Swift. I haven’t needed it! It seems like everyday I wake up there’s some new and exciting news that just makes my day so much better and on top of that I have been SO productive!

There’s a few new things that are still up in air for me so I unfortunately won’t be posting about them until I get further news, but one of them I will gladly share!! I signed up for this website that helps families find nannies, babysitters, day cares, etc.  and helps people who want to take care of children find a family in need. Well I had been sending out interest messages and hadn’t heard anything back. I was getting a little disappointed but it’s not like B and I are dying for me to make an income yet so I was trying not to rush into serious feelings. Well today I got an email back. Someone is interested and I may be adding a little addition to my daily routine!! I am SO unbelievably excited and crossing my fingers the interview and house tour goes well.

I am a pretty upfront bubbly person and many people see that right off the bat. I realize that I am shy a lot of the times, but when it comes to job interviews I have never had a problem. Maybe because when you are interviewing for a job you want them to know everything you have to offer and prove that your worth their time and their money. If you are too shy.. they’ll never know who you are and you won’t be getting a job!

I spent a majority of the day today getting the house ready for an addition. Tomorrow I am pulling out all E’s old stuff, giving it a serious sanitizing and cleaning and making it all perfect for the house tour. I want her to know that I am 100% prepared and 100% capable. I think being a mom really changes your perspective of babysitting.  When I worked with children in high school it seemed really easy and all I had to do was make friends with the kids and we were good to go. Being a parent isn’t just about being friends, it’s what’s in the best interest of the child, it’s being a teacher, a guidance counselor, a hand to hold, a lap to sit in, a cook, a maid, a librarian, and a diaper changing but wiping queen 😀 and I am ALL of those things and fun!!

Well anyways so that’s part of my fantastic news, the rest will come later, when the time is right. Let’s just say my life is dramatically changing and it’s going in an AMAZING direction.

Hope everyone else is feeling pretty dang proud of themselves too!!

Love Always,



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