Daily Life: Adding Two More Girls!!

11 Feb

Don’t you just love it when interviews go well!? I had my interview and house tour today for babysitting and she was WONDERFUL! She has the same parenting style as me, and it’s obvious how much she really cares about her children. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the choice she has to go back to work. That’s where I come in! I am about to add two little additions to my schedule! We are having a “playdate” on Tuesday next week to see how the kids react with each other and so we have a little more time to ask each other some more questions and get all set for the start! I’m not 100% sure she has made her decision yet but she made it very clear that she needed to this start soon, she was tired searching for the perfect person, and the fact that we both completely agreed with what each other was saying made it almost set in stone.

This is going to be an amazing thing for B and I. We are so close to having a down payment for a new place and this is just going to speed up the process! Apparently God had the same plans and hopefully his plans lead is right where I hope to be, and if not in the second best place 😉

Now I know what you are thinking, how in the heck is she going to have time to blog and keep me posted with her life if she’s got three little ones to chase after?! Well here’s how, once of the girls is 4 and I will be only having her one to two days a week to start out with so I am planning some serious craft & play time with her while the other two are down for nap time! I will be posting probably every Tuesday or Wednesday night the fun craft/crafts we made and of course I will be updating you on what it’s like to have a household of one baby girl change into a household of three little girls!

I am so unbelievably excited!! My mom and I are going shopping this weekend, mainly because my favorite store (Plato’s Closet) is having a Saturday Grab Bag special. You pay 15 dollars for a bag and whatever you can stuff inside is all yours! WHHHAAATTTT! I am totally getting two bags for me and maybe one for B, he hasn’t really said whether or not he wants one! Then after that sweetness I am going 4 year old craft shopping! Heck Yes!

I plan on buying her a little bucket that clasps shut so the two little ones can’t get into it, putting her name on it, then each week filling it with different crafts & toys to play with! That way she can run inside and have her own stuff and her own little area to play with them in! I am thinking board games, puzzles, coloring books & crayons, watercolors, beads & string, paper, glue sticks, ribbon, colored pencils, yarn, macaroni madness!!!!!! If anyone has any other craft/toy ideas for a 4 year old let me know! I’ll be doing my research online all night 😛

Love Always,


3 Responses to “Daily Life: Adding Two More Girls!!”

  1. Aligaeta February 11, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

    I hope it all works out for you and the girls!
    Best Wishes!

  2. brightbunch5plus1 February 18, 2011 at 6:07 am #

    Best wishes in your home daycare venture! This reminded me a lot of when I had my first (over 8 years ago now). I did a small home daycare when it was just us two, and I also helped out a friend start her own as well so she could have the chance to stay home with her babies! It can be different, and wear you out, but it can also be a lot of fun! Good luck with craft day! If you have a Dollar Tree or Might Dollar nearby, they have crafts galore- at such a beautiful price 🙂

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