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Daily Life: MIA

20 Feb

It’s true, I haven’t written in a few days. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to. After signing in about three times a day, checking out what everyone else was writing about, and attempting to type a few blogs I realized everything that I had to say was boring. I would read a paragraph that I wrote and say, “Who the heck would read this?” .. obviously if I can’t stand reading it, then no one else can!

So today is my attempt to finally write something you want to read and if I completely fail I’ll apologize in advanced!

I heard back from the mom about babysitting and I am assuming from what she wrote that it’s still on. I’ll have the 6 month old who I will refer to as P from now on Monday for a few hours and then on Friday I will start the regular schedule. I’ll have P Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-5 and S the 4-year-old Monday 12-5 and possibly the same time Wednesday and Friday if they need me on a whim. For preparation I went and bought a few more things for S to do. A harder puzzle because the one that I originally got was a little too easy, Crazy 8‘s card set, and PLAY-DOH! I don’t care what age you are play-doh is fun! So not this Monday but next monday expect some awesome play-doh pictures creation pictures 😀

I haven’t really done much painting or crafting besides crocheting (I can do that in my sleep), I’ve done a little reading of the craft book that I posted about earlier, and B and I have been watching the Toy Story movies – which we both absolutely love!! I guess I’ve been in kind of weird mood. Not bad, not good, just not all here. Hopefully I snap out of it soon because I miss energetic easily excited me!

The rest of today is going to be just as boring as the past few days have been, I’ll be cleaning up and getting all the stuff out and ready for P to come and something easy for dinner unless B wants to cook 😉 and do laundry.. never-ending laundry!! I think I need to go through our clothes and get rid of half of them so the loads get smaller!

After I get this place cleaned up and a little bit of free time I’ll take pictures of all the stuff I have crochet in the past few days and some of the crafting soon to come!

Love Always,


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