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Daily Life: I’m in a commercial!

23 Feb

Today is filming day! I am doing a commercial for my sister’s company and I am super excited about it! It starts at 2:00 and probably won’t be done until 6:00 which is pretty much all day for me!! I’ve packed a few things to keep me busy in between shoots like my crocheting, my nook (the craft book I’m reading), and a paper craft book/magazine to look through for some awesome ideas. I skimmed through it last night and am pretty excited about making a list of some of the things I’ll need to try out these tutorials! Also, not this thursday but next thursday I’ll be finally buying the cartridges that I want for my cricut!! I’ve been waiting so long and I’m finally going to get to buy them!

Well I guess I better go get last-minute things together, I’ll let you know how the shooting goes!!

Love Always,


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