Daily Life: 6 am Suprise!

27 Feb

Waking up at 6:30 a.m. to me usually means horrible, rough, no good, gonna need a nap day. But today was not the case at all! I woke up wide awake and ready to tackle anything in my way! I sat down trying to think of all the things I could do that are quiet enough not to wake up B or E. Then it hit me, it’s impossible to do any budgeting when B and E are around. To me that’s something I need to do in complete silence! So I sat down and planned out how much of each of the bills were going to get paid with our tax money and then figuring out how much was left. Then it hit me!

We are going to have our usual amount of money to go towards bills that we do every paycheck ALONG with the tax money!!! I calculated it all together, calculated the total of our bills and BAM! They were all paid and there was more money left over! I couldn’t stop jumping up and down and dancing and smiling so big! Financial freedom!!!!

B has asked me once we figured out how much tax money we got if he could use half of it to put towards a new car and we both agreed it would be a good idea. With all of the bills paid besides our two monthly payments (that will never go away) we have plenty of money to pay for a car for him! Not only that but the original down payment that I had planned on saving has now almost doubled with all the bills being gone! Ahhh what a relaxing thing.. and on top of all that with my new job, that paycheck is now being split half and half, half for savings, half for PLAYING!

I have never been this excited about bills before 😛 Lets just say that play money is going towards some serious craftiness 😉

Things are just falling into place and making my life amazing!

Once I calmed down and still had to wait for hubby and pipsqueak to wake up I decided crocheting was the next quietest thing to do, so one more scarf done and on the next one! If I keep up with it as much as I have these past couple days I could easily make one a week with still having free time and getting chores and errands done! Who knows maybe by next winter I’ll have enough to make a nice big Christmas check off Etsy and possibly keep from adding anymore bills!


Hope everyone else is having a fantastic weekend too!

Love Always,


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