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Working Mom: My first day with three little girls

28 Feb

You might be thinking I am absolutely crazy but even though I am curled up in a chair completely exhausted I am ecstatic inside! Sure a few things didn’t go according to plan but hey when you have three girls in three different stages of life it’s bound to happen. P didn’t seem to want to take her afternoon nap today and when I finally put her down E decided it was time for her to get up and play, which was all of 30 minutes after I put her down. So we had a little frumpy girl this afternoon but she’ll get a good nights rest tonight and we can spend the day just her and I tomorrow catching up on sleep and mommy baby time. That’s the other amazing thing about my new job is that I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday so I always get a day in between to make sure E gets the attention she needs. Today was my first day with S. She came over at 12:30 and was a complete doll! She showed me all her toys, and kept me busy playing games and watching her doodle (and picking up after her) but it’s nice to see what E will be like in a year or two. Let’s just say it will be a lot more messy (which I didn’t think it could be), a lot more fun, and a lot more exhausting!

Well here’s to a successful first day with three little girls 🙂

Love Always,


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